eSBCs: Required for Secure, Interoperable Real Time UC

Patton eSBCs

In the Digital Age, as a part of the digital transformation for UC, organizations worldwide are retiring legacy ISDN/TDM primary rate interface (PRI) voice systems. They are replacing it with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based voice and real-time-communications (RTC) services. Whether you are an Over the Top (OTT) provider of SIP trunking or an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP)—or even a subscriber— the enterprise session border controller (eSBC) is a multi-function platform that can provide valuable services for SIP interconnections (real-time communications). The acronym SBC breaks down as follows: Session refers to the RTC…

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VoIP Insights: The Keys to Overcoming Poor Call Quality

Today’s VoIP small business phone systems enjoy massive improvements over their predecessors. Once, VoIP faced challenges like unreliability and poor quality of service, or QoS. Nowadays, these phones can deliver impeccably clear voice communication, seamless video conferencing and contact-aware supplementary features. Of course, not every implementation is flawless. Here are some of the most common reasons you might be experiencing subpar call quality. Poor Signal Translation Your phone’s receiver and speakers are designed to process signals whose parameters fall within strict constraints. The same goes for the adapters that transform analog voice data into digital packets and…

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10 Reasons to Choose the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone

Yealink CP960

It is no surprise how important conference calls are for a business.  Conference calls allow people in different geographical areas to essentially “meet” with one another via a telephone.  Associates can resolve urgent matters, collaborate on projects, and utilize the input and skill sets of many individuals.  But, a conference call is only as good as the conference phone a business is using.  That is where the Yealink CP960 steps in. Many have come to know and love Yealink’s innovative products, which rank high in ease of use and are extremely feature rich.  The Yealink CP960 is no exception…

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VoIP Phone System Basics: Key Features You Should Know About

Yealink Videoconferencing

As practical communication tools, VoIP business phone systems come packed with distinct features. You get to choose the capabilities you’d prefer, but with so many options, it can be hard to get started. Here’s how to know which features might be right for you. VoIP Goes Beyond Mere Calling VoIP phone systems for medium business deployments do more than just let you place and receive calls. There are also plenty of bells and whistles, and experts say these optional features are some of the most important aspects of selecting a configuration. Since VoIP implementations intrinsically make use of…

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Grandstream Access Points: Do You Need the GWN7600 or 7610?

Grandstream Networking Access Points

Networking is a key component to a business’ success in the modern era.  Recently, Grandstream introduced its GWN Series of Networking solutions, including two different access points.  These networking solutions, both the router and access points, allow users to build powerful wired, wireless and VPN networks.  They are easy to manage & can provide businesses of any size with seamless, secure internet access. The Grandstream access points, the GWN7600 & 7610, are designed to work flawlessly with the GWN series routers.  These WiFi access points also work with a third party router you may currently possess.  The embedded controller is…

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VoIP Configurations: A World of Variety Explained

888VoIP Configurations

You want to bring your business phones into the modern era, but like other networking implementations, digital communication setups come in many forms. Which VoIP configurations are best suited to your mission? Many options could potentially work in your situation, but achieving high quality of service (QoS) requires more detailed planning. This quick rundown on VoIP configurations should clarify the details. What’s in a VoIP Configuration? VoIP business phone systems commonly mix a range of different hardware and software products together. Users get to choose devices like VoIP wireless phone units, adapters, routers and other components based on their…

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What are Millennials Looking for in an IP Desk Phone Experience?

There has been a change in the workplace over the past decade.  Millennials, defined as a person reaching adulthood in the 21st Century, are becoming today’s leaders.  In 2015, one of three American workers were in the 18-34 millennial age range.  Millennials are even overtaking Baby Boomers as the largest population in America.  These “digital natives” are the first generation born and raised in a digital world.  Their needs, even for an IP desk phone, differ from Baby Boomers and Generation X. IP Desk phones are not going anywhere.  In fact, they will be the major endpoint in…

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How To: Create a Full Grandstream Networking Solution for Any Size Business

Grandstream Networking

Every day we are bombarded with different technological products and are told that our business “needs them.”  We give in and purchase the latest and greatest solution, but then we realize we have a bunch of pieces that do not make up a comprehensive solution.  This does not need to be the case when it comes to networking.  Since 2002, Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing innovative & award-winning IP phone & video telephony, video conferencing and surveillance solutions.  Recently, Grandstream introduced a power line of networking products, including a Gigabit Router (GWN7000) and Access Points (GWN7600 & 7610).  Grandstream…

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4 Simple Secrets to Choosing the Right VoIP Adapter

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP systems is that you can use them with your existing phone equipment to save money. To do so, you’ll require a VoIP adapter that serves as the bridge between your analog plain-old telephone service, or POTS, hardware and the digital network that carries your calls. Not sure what to look for in an adapter? These quick tips from the 888VoIP experts make it easy to choose the ideal VoIP small business phone systems. 1. Count Your Connections VoIP adapters have different numbers of analog FXS, or foreign exchange station, ports for…

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6 Reasons To Upgrade to 3CX v15.5

3CX V15.5

3CX, a developer of an innovative software-based Unified Communication solution, just announced the release of their V15.5 3CX Phone System.  This version offers fresh new features, as well as improvements and enhancements to the 3CX experience you are already familiar with. While we believe that it is a necessity to upgrade to 3CX V15.5, we have listed six of the top reasons you should explore upgrading: The New 3CX V15.5 Web Client 3CX V15.5 sports a brand new web client with a modern user interface and integrated UC features.  The new web client is optimized…

Read More June 7, 2017
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