7 Reasons Why You Need Video Conferencing

In sales, we have all been in this situation.  You are talking to a customer, excited about all the video conferencing solutions that you can offer them.  You are giving great information about the features and functions of the solutions, including great price points.  But then you get to the why: “Why do we need video conferencing?”  Welp. Video conferencing is paramount, though, when it comes to overcoming barriers created by distance.  Video chat is crucial when it comes to making a big world a lot smaller.  As a result, it will vastly improve your customers’ communications within and outside…

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Understanding the Advantages of the 3CX Phone System

When it comes to creating a robust business communication system, the options are virtually limitless. Unfortunately, your time isn’t so freely available, and it can be difficult to decide which solutions will suit your organization best. The 3CX standard has many advantages that are impossible to ignore. Here’s how an 888VoIP 3CX solution might take your corporate communications to the next level. A Quick Primer: What Is 3CX? 3CX phone systems are capable, software-based products tailored to deploying custom VoIP phone systems in medium-sized business settings. The standard got its start in the late 2000s as…

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A Firsthand Review of the New Yealink T54S Smart Media Phone


Before I buy a product, I am that person who ferociously reads through reviews & testimonials.  I seek out as much consumer knowledge as possible before buying essentially any product.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to give the Yealink T54S Smart Media Phone a whirl.  Prior to trying the Yealink T54S, I was using the T46G, which I was happy with.  As the Marketing Manager for 888VoIP, I was looking for a sleek solution with user-friendly features.  Here are my final thoughts on the T54S: Size – Small yet Ideal: The Yealink T54S is small, compact, and…

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What Is VoIP & How to Promote it To Your Customers

Yealink T48S

In the realm of business communication, there are many ways to effectively communicate, but with the demanding needs of employees, analog phone systems may not be the ideal choice.  So what should a business do?  Explore the option of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). When positioning a VoIP phone system to one of your end user customers, it is important to explain to them exactly what VoIP is so that they can make an educated decision when making the switch.  VoIP business phone systems deliver scalability, robustness and dependability, so their explosive popularity is easy to understand. Here’s a…

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A Snom IP Phone for Every Office Associate


It is easy to recommend one product to all your customers and assume that it is going to be the ideal solution for their employees.  But, when it comes to VoIP hardware, it is not “one size fits all.”  Different roles require just that: different IP phones with different telephony features, whether it is the phone’s functionality, size, the design of the model, mobility options, or advanced features. We have identified several roles in a business environment that may require varying IP solutions.  For each of these roles, we have chosen a different Snom solution that could improve productivity…

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Breaking It Down: Why Choose Yealink’s Skype For Business Phones?

Yealink VoIP

Yealink is a top-tier name that you can trust when it comes to state-of-the-art unified communication & collaboration solutions.  It is a no brainer to choose Yealink, due to their feature-rich solutions, and the Microsoft-certified, enterprise-grade Skype for Business (SFB) IP phones are no exception.  These phones offer rich features, user-friendly interfaces, and optimal cost performance.  By introducing these phones into an office environment, your customers will increase the efficiency of their daily communications. Why exactly should you choose Yealink’s Skype for Business phones? 1.) Phones for All Environments: Yealink offers…

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Digital Signs: Can Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Make a Difference?

Is every area of life going digi-tech? Or is it just me? At least one particular market—digital signage—seems to fall squarely into that trend. Writing for SKYKIT, Irfan Khan, predicted: “Rather than an afterthought or a separate effort, [digital signage is] going to become more deeply linked to all aspects of connecting with and serving customers…and linked up to social media. This [growth] will be aided by emerging and increasingly widely available tech like high-resolution LCD and LED screens.” In nearly every business sector today, including transportation and industrial applications, digital signage has become a…

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5 Ways VTech’s ErisTerminal SIP Phones Provide You with More

VTech Business Phones

End users are constantly bogged down with the many different VoIP hardware options available, and when it comes to the perfect business solution, it is easy to become completely lost. VTech offers their ErisTerminal line, including ErisTerminal SIP Desksets and SIP DECT Handsets with bases, and these options are cost-effective alternatives to traditional analog & digital phone systems. Here are the 5 ways VTech’s ErisTerminal SIP phones will provide your end users with more: 1.) MORE Unified Communication: Your customers will have unified communications (voice, data & Internet) by adding a VTech ErisTerminal to the network. Why is…

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The Top 6 Reasons You Need the Yealink T58V Smart Media Phone

Yealink T58V

So many video phones, yet so little time to decide on the right option for your business’ needs.  Recently, Yealink announced their new T5S Smart Media Phone line, and if you’re searching for a video model, the T58V is the phone you must try out – whether you’re a service provider, value-added reseller or end user.  Let us list the ways: Advanced Features but Easy to Use: The SIP-T58V includes many advanced telephony features to enhance a productive communication experience; however, the T58V is as easy to use as a standard phone. You’ll quickly & efficiently…

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Yealink T46G & T48G – Now Qualified for Skype for Business

Yealink VoIP Phone

Two of Yealink’s cloud IP phones have officially been certified with Skype for Business, which will provide enhanced qualification with Cloud PBX in Microsoft Office 365.  Both of these Yealink models can now be deployed in Skype for Business – both on-premises & hybrid environments and for use with Microsoft Office 365. Skype for Business lets you collaborate ith anyone, anywhere, and on any device, and delivers the security & control of Microsoft.  Essentially, you can simplify your entire infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.  With the T46G & T48G supporting Skype for Business, these…

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