Configuring a Patton 4960 PRI Gateway with 3CX

The Patton 4960 is ideal for PBX business trunking or corporate VoIP access. Offering up to four software configurable T1/E1/PRI interfaces the SN4960 connects to any switch, PBX and data network with up to 120 simultaneous calls using SIP, T1, E1 or PRI signaling. The dual gigabit Ethernet ports connect to the network for the highest throughput with its integrated QoS router. With its built-in CSU/DSU, any T1/E1 port can be selected as a WAN port for truly integrated voice and data access. In this tutorial, we show you how to configure the Patton 4960 PRI SIP Gateway with 3CX, the Windows-based IP PBX platform.

To configure the Patton 4960 with 3CX is actually a fairly simple process consisting of the following steps:

  • Plug the Patton 4960 into your network and power it up
  • Use the SmartNode Discovery tool to find the IP address of the Patton 4960
  • Create a new PSTN Gateway device in 3CX using the Patton 4960 settings
  • Setup dialing rules within 3CX
  • Use 3CX to generate a configuration file
  • Upload the configuration file to the Patton 4960
  • Reload the configuration in the Patton 4960
  • Start making and receiving phone calls over your T1/E1 connection

The following video walks you through the process and shows you all of the screen you will encounter as well as what settings to use on each screen. Patton Featured Solutions Page PattonProducts Page

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