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In today’s connecting world there is an unrelenting need for more and more access to the global network. The Internet has brought exciting applications exploding onto the market, voice and data convergence is spinning our heads, traditional and new media providers are colliding and combining, and all the while the masses of the world remain unconnected. Patton brings the solutions.

Patton Electronics creates highly renowned Sip gateways for FXO/FXS and PRI applications. With high reliability, strong feature sets and mid-range pricing, the Patton SIP gateways are an excellent value.

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Patton Introduces SN5300 ESBRs

The SN5300 brings a high quality edge device capable of handling 250 SIP sessions to the edge of your customer’s network at an affordable price, backed by Patton support…

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3 Ways Patton Gateways Help Win 3CX Business

For today’s small and medium Enterprise, implementing a software-based IP PBX like 3CX Phone System offers many benefits, yet for many businesses, a complete overhaul of their telephony infrastructure to an all-IP solution may not be the…

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Patton Product Certification Training Video

Are you wanting to get 888VoIP’s Reseller Certification for Patton Products? If so, you need to take and pass the Patton Reseller Certification Exam. This video contains all of the training material you need to take and successfully pass…

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