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Yealink EHS36

Yealink EHS36

888VoIP Yealink Certified

The Yealink Headset Adapter EHS36 is the bridge between your wireless headset and your Yealink IP Phone. The EHS36 is compatible with Yealink Models T26, T28, T38G, T41P, T42G, and T46G.

Model EHS36
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Please Note: This unit is compatible with select Jabra and Plantronics Headsets.

Yealink EHS36 Summary

The Yealink Headset Adapter EHS36 is used to interface with wireless headsets. There is no need for a phone lifter using the EHS36. Yealink EHS36 is an ideal product for receptionists, administrative assistants, call center agents, power users, and executives.

Yealink EHS36 Core Features

  • Fully compatible with Jabra & Plantronics
  • Control calls with your wireless headset
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to use

Yealink EHS36 Technical Specifications

  • Built-in RJ12(6P6C) input port connects to IP phone
  • 1xRJ45(8P8C) output port for GN/Jabra headset
  • 1x3.5mm output port for Plantronics headset
  • Accessories: RJ12, RJ45, 3.5mm, RJ11 cord

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