Sangoma Vega SBC

The merits of SBCs


The past few years have been filled with reports of major data breaches, while many of these stories have related back to poor control over information storage environments and a lack of adequate solution deployments to defend against current and future threats. However, as unified communications systems become more common in the average industry, it has become clear that businesses are going to need to wake up to the unique risks that face these assets.

Sangoma Vega SBC

IT security is still a bit different than UC protection, despite the fact that the two components of corporate infrastructure are becoming increasingly intertwined with the passing of each year. As such, business leaders need to recognize the unique demands of Voice over Internet Protocol, video conferencing, IVR and other UC components by way of security to avoid falling victim to some form of information exposure, loss or theft.

SBCs: In focus

Although many decision-makers have appeared to believe that traditional firewalls meant to fortify networks can be used just as effectively to protect VoIP equipment and systems, this is simply not the case. No Jitter recently listed some of the ways in which Session Border Controllers can be used to effectively mitigate threats facing UC frameworks and systems, specifically VoIP-related assets.

According to the news provider, SBCs can be used to reduce the risk of malicious attacks entering into the workplace, especially those damaging events known as Distributed-Denial-of-Service, which makes systems unavailable by a hacker who then wreaks havoc on data. The source also pointed out that IP traffic management, encryption, and toll fraud protection can all be enhanced through the use of these relatively novel solutions, leading to a greater level of integrity across the UC environment.

Considering how important these tools are to the functionality and performance of businesses today, investing in the protections necessary to keep them operating optimally is increasingly important.

Another advantage

SBCs are certainly a formidable weapon against VoIP-targeted attacks, but can also be used to improve the overall performance of UC assets and systems, as they provide a source of data related to usage and uptime. When firms have a greater level of intelligence regarding the requirements, demands and capabilities of their UC tools, they will be more likely to avoid major issues such as downtime and disruption, and SBCs, such as those from Sangoma, can be used to sidestep these potential problems.

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