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6 Reasons Why Customers Love Yeastar Multisite Interconnect

Yeastar Multilink Interconnect

Businesses are gravitating away from the traditional model of housing all employees and functions at one single location. Instead, many are relying on smaller branch offices in various geographical locations, as well as home-based remote workers. Work is no longer about one single location and activity is being done anywhere and everywhere, so PBX manufacturers had to come up with an efficient solution to connect dispersed phone systems.

Yeastar, an internationally known manufacturer of PBX and gateway solutions, has developed multiple options to assist businesses in connecting remote employees. One top option is to network S-Series VoIP PBXs at different locations, which can be interconnected by utilizing the built-in Multisite Interconnect feature. This feature allows simple interconnection of S-Series PBXs in different offices. PBX customers are flocking to this new feature, as it offers immense benefits over the traditional inter-branch connection via SIP trunking.

Here are six of the major reasons as to why customers are turning to Yeastar Multisite Interconnect:

  1. Explicit Role-Based System: The role-based system allows you to maximize the simplicity of a multi-office network by designating one “headquarter” PBX and multiple “branch office” systems. The “headquarter” PBX will work as the pivot, collaborating with all the other systems. There will only be one link between a branch and the headquarter, which will allow the branch to connect to all other offices. This will simplify communication and make management of converged voice much easier.
  2. Secure Interconnection: Yeastar Multisite Interconnect sets up an extremely secure network. General access rules are configured in the “Firewall Rules” module. IP Exclusion Rules are set up on each branch profile, which ensures that the network will be protected from any attacks. Since there is also no port forwarding required at any branches, that potential security risk is reduced, if not eliminated.
  3. Designed with Innovation in Mind: This feature was designed exclusively for the Yeastar S-Series of VoIP PBXs, applying to all models in the series. It was crafted to enable easy interaction between S-Series PBXs that were deployed in different offices. Call flow is automatically smoother, deployments are quicker, and maintenance is easier. Customers now have an additional choice from Yeastar for branch office solutions.
  4. Easy Dial Plan: Quite possibly the most apparent benefit of Yeastar Multilink Interconnect is direct dial and seamless call transfer between different locations’ extensions. No matter what site you’d like to reach – extension, conference, ring group, or queue – you can simply dial the number directly. Each system occupies a unique first dialing digit. This ensures a smoother flow of communication & also eliminates the need to remember different prefixes.
  5. Lowered Costs: Internal calls are completely free, even if you’re contacting a different site. You’re not just saving money there, though. Traditional SIP trunking brings about many of its own costs, including the need to purchase static public IP addresses for each site and annual fees in the thousands. With Multisite Interconnect, you do not need to rely on expensive SIP trunks. You only need one static public IP address for the entire system!
  6. Simple Configuration: When you use SIP trunks, your corporate network setup becomes quite complicated and the process convoluted. Headaches arise when calculating how many SIP trunks need to be configured or determining the required outbound call routes. When using Multisite Interconnect, you just register each branch’s phone system to the headquarter PBX. You do not need to create any trunks or call routes. You also do not need to worry about a static public IP address or port forwarding at the branches. A network of six offices can be set up in just minutes. To learn more on configuration, click here.


SIP Trunks Vs Multilink Interconnect



To learn more about the Yeastar S-Series PBX line or to obtain information on Multisite Interconnect, contact that 888VoIP expert team at 888-864-7786. Also, make sure to visit the Yeastar Product Page to view all of the cutting-edge solutions 888VoIP offers from Yeastar.

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