CyberData Paging for Schools

How To: Update School Notification Systems with CyberData

While the pandemic continues on & uncertainties stir, many school districts are still planning on students attending in-person classes come Fall 2020. In order to successfully reopen, schools may need an update of their paging & mass notification systems, especially in order to communication important health/pandemic related updates, as well as new policies & procedures. CyberData can assist with improving these systems with their SIP & multicast endpoints that use on-premise or cloud-based VoIP phone systems to page and [...]

Patton Microsoft Teams Case Study

Making Microsoft Teams Play Nice with Other Technologies [Case Study]

This is a story about a technology solution that enabled two European industry leaders to play well with Microsoft Teams. In the world of ALL-IP communications, interoperability can be a major challenge. There is an endless number of market players in the IP-telephony field. Most business phone systems involve network elements from multiple vendors that may not naturally work together well, if at all.  This case study involves three vendor technologies that need a little help being friends. The Players Microsoft [...]

Grandstream GWN Access Points

Grandstream’s New Access Points for Indoors & Outdoors: the GWN7615 & GWN7605LR

If your customers are ones that experience medium-to-high user density and are craving scalability, get them acquainted with the new Grandstream GWN7615 & GWN7605LR Access Points. Choose an enterprise performance 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi Access Point based upon your customers’ indoor/outdoor needs, necessary coverage range, and concurrent client support demands. The GWN7615 for Indoor Use The GWN7615 is the optimal choice for any customer – from office building to retail location to hotel – who is looking to create a scalable solution. The GWN7615 supports [...]

Yealink T5 V85 Upgrade

Yealink V85: New Enhancements & Highlights

Upgrade your Yealink desk, video, and conference phones* to Yealink V85 to experience some of the biggest and best enhancements ever released. When you upgrade your supported model, you will experience: Additional Endpoint Support on the T5 Series: When you utilize the DD10K DECT USB Dongle, you can turn your Yealink T5 Phone into a DECT base station using its corded-cordless feature. With the T5 acting as a base station, you can connect up to 4 handsets. Version 85 now [...]

CallCabinet Dashboard

CallCabinet Releases Compliance Cloud Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

CallCabinet’s Atmos call recording platform now provides a cloud-native compliance call recording solution that integrates directly into Microsoft Teams. BOCA RATON, Fla., May 19, 2020 ( – CallCabinet, a leading global provider of cloud-native call recording, quality assurance, and AI solutions, is pleased to announce the general availability of their Atmos platform for Microsoft Teams. Atmos integrates directly into the Teams environment and delivers Microsoft Azure-based compliance call recording to businesses of all sizes. CallCabinet is working with Microsoft to [...]

Telemedicine & Grandstream

Telemedicine & Grandstream: What Solutions Are Best?

Woman on an e-visit with telemedicine provider Even before COVID-19 and the unforeseen consequences it had on daily life & safety, telemedicine was on the rise. Telemedicine allows for patients to have more convenient access to healthcare and provides a higher level of health safety for patients and providers. Healthcare is beginning to weigh the benefits, including improved care & patient satisfaction, lower hospital readmissions, and higher profitability. Approximately 74% of patients in the United States feel comfortable utilizing telehealth services; therefore, hospitals & clinics must be [...]


UC for Hotels, Campuses & More with Analog Phones: Part 1

Many organizations support large numbers of analog handsets that still work—and that are an integral part of operations and life-safety processes. As the world shifts under their feet to ALL-IP communications, how can hotels, apartment-buildings, transportation, schools, and other campuses convert to IP or Cloud PBX systems without tossing out their functioning phones? A related question is this:  Why would an organization switch to IP Telephony when it owns a plethora of bought-and-paid-for analog phones—and a traditional PBX—that all work just fine? This [...]


Patton’s Virtual SmartNode Wins 2020 Product of the Year

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—creator of the Patton Cloud edge-orchestration solution and US manufacturer of world-class network equipment—has won the 2020 Product of the Year Award for its Virtual SmartNode™ (vSN) virtualized network function (VNF) solution. Designed within the network function virtualization (NFV) paradigm, Patton’s vSN is a virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) platform that boasts limitless scalability. The floating license model makes it easy to increase capacity and add valuable services as an organization grows. Offered by subscription, the vSN incurs only operating expenses (OpEx), making it the [...]

Jabra Evolve2 Series Lifestyle Image

Jabra Evolve2 Series: Why Should Your Customers Upgrade?

Every now and again, a new product line rolls out that wows current users and blows away the competition. For early 2020, that product line is the upgraded, state-of-the-art Evolve2 headset series from Jabra. Jabra has enhanced its already renowned Evolve series with its enviable features and introduced the audio market to a new standard in audio. It is difficult to follow the Evolve Series, as it has been deemed the world’s leading professional headset series; however, the Evolve2 has raised the bar for all core [...]


888VoIP Named a Yealink Platinum Distributor for 2020

888VoIP has been named a Yealink Platinum Partner for the eighth consecutive year. 888VoIP, a leader in VoIP hardware & software distribution, has once again been awarded the prestigious designation of Platinum Distributor by Yealink, a global leading unified communication (UC) solution provider. 888VoIP obtained this highly-regarded title by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to growing Yealink product lines throughout 2019. 888VoIP has continuously accelerated Yealink business by addressing individual customers’ needs & creating proper, thorough Yealink deployments that address customers’ [...]

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