Provisioning Yealink IP Phones with 3CX

In this video, Kerry shows how to configure Yealink IP Phones to work with 3CX, the Windows-based IP PBX platform. Since 3CX has auto-provisioning support for the Yealink phones, the first section focuses on getting auto-provisioning setup and working properly. The second part of the video shows how to configure the phones to work with 3CX by configuring the phones manually.


Configuring Cisco 7975 IP Phones for SIP

Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of trying to configure a Cisco 7975 phone with a SIP IP PBX system such as Asterisk, trixbox, or 3CX can attest to the fact that the phones are very picky with their config files and much of the information that is really handy to know is simply not documented anywhere. On top of that, to get the phones to even work right you have to use very specific versions of the SIP [...]


FreeSWITCH aquired by Barracuda Networks – Rumor

While it is no surprise to some of us that FreeSWITCH finally found the right business partner to associate themselves with, it is interesting to note that even the most devote anti-corporate open source project leaders (Phillipe – FreePBX, Anthony – FreeSWITCH) have both recently been acquired by large companies. In both cases, these open source advocates are now employees of their respective owners. Let’s face it, people have bills to pay and projects the size of FreePBX and FreeSWITCH [...]


Using trixbox CE as a SIP Gateway

If you have a need to have multiple PBX systems running and you want them all to make and receive calls, you will run into a major problem with that because of NAT issues and port forwarding limitations. In this article, I will explain how to use a trixbox CE system as a front-end gateway that will manage the trunks to the SIP providers and forward calls to the different PBX systems as well as allow the PBX systems [...]


How to set 3CX Caller ID?

We have been getting a whole lot of questions lately in regards to setting outgoing caller ID on a 3CX IP-PBX with our, and other, Voip Services.  I recently typed up a quick knowledge-base article about this, which you can find here. If you are having problems with your 3CX passing your custom Numeric Caller ID, follow these quick steps and it should enable your 3CX to start passing your local caller ID settings. 1.) Within your 3CX Management Console, go [...]

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