Why Should Service Providers Use Patton Cloud?

As a Service Provider, you want to ensure that you possess the proper tools and platforms to provide your customers with the best experience. Patton has released its revolutionary service, the Patton Cloud, that accelerates and aids SPs in making the transition to converged ALL-IP networking, IoT, and telephony services. Traditionally, it has been challenging to efficiently deliver quality, security, manageability, and flexibility of these next-generation services, especially when trying to control costs. Many issues needed to be addressed at [...]

Grandstream GDS3710

Getting Started: The Grandstream GDS Door System Series

Regardless of whether your customer is a business, apartment complex, warehouse facility, school, hotel, or medical office, physical security and facility access are important. Most businesses need a device that tracks, manages, monitors, and restricts access to a physical building. The Grandstream GDS series of IP Door Systems will be a security game-changer for any customer. These devices provide access and security to buildings through a built-in intercom, IP video surveillance camera, keyless entry, and other state-of-the-art features. Main Features [...]

Channel Advantage

The Advantages of Leasing Yealink: The New DaaS Program

The reality of paying a hefty up-front cost on VoIP equipment can be cringe-worthy. To minimize that reaction from your customers,  you need to implement a monthly OpEx option: leasing. With the Yealink Device as a Service (DaaS) program, Service Providers can now supply end-users with a turnkey, single monthly platform. DaaS eliminates those high upfront hardware costs (CapEx) and replaces them with a monthly rental price. Instead of selling hardware and services, Service Providers are now fully in charge [...]


888VoIP Announces New West Coast Distribution Facility

888VoIP, a top distributor of VoIP hardware and software solutions, has announced today the recent investment and expansion in a second distribution facility in Reno, Nevada. The need for this additional space comes as a response to continual business growth, the addition of new manufacturers, and development of West Coast markets. The operational expansion will benefit both 888VoIP and partners alike. With the new Reno facility, companywide warehouse and provisioning space will have tripled over the past three years. The [...]

Polycom Acoustic Fence

How Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ Revolutionizes Call Quality & Clarity

Background noise is one of the biggest deterrents of an effective phone call. Often times, associates find themselves scurrying into an unoccupied conference room, break area, or even their car when taking or making an important call. This disables them from conducting a fully productive meeting, which should have been held conveniently at their desk or work space. Polycom® knew that background noise was one of the biggest concerns for call quality and developed the Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ to [...]


Understanding SD-WAN and Edgewater’s Solution for the SMB

Software-defined wide area network solutions, commonly referred to as SD-WAN, are exploding. Enterprises began expressing specific concerns and needs for networking, which could only be met by this technology. In turn, SD-WAN growth has been monumental and sources predict that SD-WAN infrastructure and service revenue will reach over $8 billion in sales by the year 2021. As businesses begin to deploy 3rd platform technologies to achieve digital transformation and public cloud-based SaaS continually increases, we will see SD-WAN rise [...]

Yeastar S-Series PBX

6 Reasons Why Customers Love Yeastar Multisite Interconnect

Businesses are gravitating away from the traditional model of housing all employees and functions at one single location. Instead, many are relying on smaller branch offices in various geographical locations, as well as home-based remote workers. Work is no longer about one single location and activity is being done anywhere and everywhere, so PBX manufacturers had to come up with an efficient solution to connect dispersed phone systems. Yeastar, an internationally known manufacturer of PBX and gateway solutions, has developed [...]

Grandstream GXV3370

Why Upgrade Your Desk Phone to a Video Phone: the Grandstream GXV3370

It’s 2018 and there may be times when both budding and established businesses question the usefulness of a desk phone. With a trend towards telecommuting, constant utilization of smartphones, and more time spent away from the desk, why use a desk phone? Although these are thoughtful considerations, desk phones are still extremely relevant and play an irreplaceable role in business communication. IP desk phones sport more functionalities than other devices and can support a multitude of significant features: call [...]


Yeastar S-Series Firmware Release: Now With Multicast Paging and More!

The Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX is known for its ease of use, cost efficiencies, and high-performance levels. With five different models to choose from, supporting 20 to 500 users, there is an S-Series model for every business need. Top that with its easy configuration and fast installation, advanced plug and play capabilities, Linkus mobile client, and extensive IP phone interoperability, and you have the perfect PBX solution for your customers. To further improve upon its multitude of benefits, Yeastar [...]

Cloud PBX

5 Considerations to Make When Switching to a Cloud PBX

Cloud computing is the wave of the future, and inevitably, many technologies are moving to the cloud. For a myriad of reasons, it is appealing to switch to a system or product where data is stored and transferred over the Internet. This eliminates the need for users to purchase certain computers or hardware devices. VoIP technology is included in this migration. Initially, calls were routed by a physical on-site PBX, which could be costly, time-consuming, and sometimes inefficient (thus [...]