CyberData IP Endpoints: Newest Product Releases

Leading OEM design and IP endpoint manufacturing for over 40 years, CyberData is consistently ahead of the game, developing inventive and leading-edge endpoint solutions. Known for their quality, reliability, and industrial endurance, CyberData has released an array of new products during the beginning months of 2018. SIP RFID Access Control Endpoints CyberData has added two new RFID Access Control devices to its product portfolio: 011426 SIP RFID Keypad Access Control Endpoint and 011425 SIP RFID Access Control Endpoint. Access control is [...]


Discover the New Grandstream GWN.Cloud Networking Management Platform

Monitoring and managing your networking equipment can quickly become a headache and hassle, especially when dealing with multiple devices. To ease these processes, Grandstream’s has released a cloud controller for their WiFi Access Points: the GWN.Cloud. The GWN.Cloud is an enterprise-grade WiFi network management platform that allows users to oversee their GWN series APs. Installers and users can take advantage of quick deployment, which happens almost instantaneously after scanning the device’s barcode. Once the device has been deployed, users can [...]


5 Reasons VARs & SPs Need 888VoIP’s Channel Advantage

Competition is rising in every industry, and VoIP is no exception. As competition increases, it is imperative that VARs and SPs are fully prepared and staffed to accommodate and fulfill their customers’ needs. At times, though, it can be extremely difficult for these companies to handle every back-end process and procedures. When choosing a VoIP distributor, SPs, VARs, and Integrators should narrow in on those that are truly “value-added.” With a value-added distributor, companies do not merely have access [...]


The Best VoIP Solutions for the Millennial Manager

This should be old news, but in case it is not, millennials are quickly transforming the workplace. The needs and attitudes of millennial workers still differ from their older counterparts, and not all offices have addressed millennials and VoIP. In 2018, millennials are no longer the youngest workers in the office and are slowly transitioning into higher-ranking positions. In 2017, 20% of all leadership roles were held by millennial employees and growth is highly anticipated.  With this change, businesses need [...]


Key Advantages of Choosing Hosted VoIP

Businesses have been faced with the challenge of choosing hosted PBX, hosted VoIP, or an on-premise VoIP that is internally hosted. To save IT dollars or to counteract having few internal IT resources, businesses of all sizes have been gravitating towards hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system where a provider houses the IP PBX in their data center. The provider also handles service technology, calls, signaling, and features. The customer just needs to make sure their [...]

Business VoIP

4 Reasons Businesses Use VoIP Technology

Why Do Smart Businesses Choose VoIP Technology? Voice Over Internet Protocol, often shortened to VoIP, describes a phone service over the Internet. If you are not currently using VoIP, you are using a regular phone line – a Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). But recently, there has been a large move by businesses to move from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP is a “digital telephone service” that is replacing your traditional analog circuit and it works with a variety of different devices. Businesses [...]


Why You Need the Latest Version of 3CX: Version 15.5

If you are not familiar with 3CX, it is time you get acquainted.  And if you are a user of this IP phone system for Windows, you must upgrade to version 15.5. 3CX is a software based PBX based on the SIP standard. It will completely replace your proprietary PBX, help you save time & money, and boost your profits. Recently, 3CX released its newest version of the software, which offers fresh features, as well as enhancements to the [...]


What are Millennials Looking for in an IP Desk Phone Experience?

There has been a change in the workplace over the past decade.  Millennials, defined as a person reaching adulthood in the 21st Century, are becoming today’s leaders.  In 2015, one of three American workers were in the 18-34 millennial age range.  Millennials are even overtaking Baby Boomers as the largest population in America.  These “digital natives” are the first generation born and raised in a digital world.  Their needs, even for an IP desk phone, differ from Baby Boomers [...]

3CX V15.5

6 Reasons To Upgrade to 3CX v15.5

3CX, a developer of an innovative software-based Unified Communication solution, just announced the release of their V15.5 3CX Phone System.  This version offers fresh new features, as well as improvements and enhancements to the 3CX experience you are already familiar with. While we believe that it is a necessity to upgrade to 3CX V15.5, we have listed six of the top reasons you should explore upgrading: The New 3CX V15.5 Web Client 3CX V15.5 sports a brand new web client with [...]


7 Reasons Why You Need Video Conferencing

In sales, we have all been in this situation.  You are talking to a customer, excited about all the video conferencing solutions that you can offer them.  You are giving great information about the features and functions of the solutions, including great price points.  But then you get to the why: “Why do we need video conferencing?”  Welp. Video conferencing is paramount, though, when it comes to overcoming barriers created by distance.  Video chat is crucial when it comes to making [...]

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