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Peplink, an industry-leading manufacturer of networking solutions, has been producing a wide range of unbeatable products that are optimal for a variety of users, ranging from the home office to the enterprise. By migrating to a Peplink SD-WAN solution, users experience an increase in bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and cost savings. Peplink’s cutting-edge suite of networking solutions incuses Balance Series Routers, the cloud-based SD Switch, and Surf SOHO SMB Professional Grade Router.

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Balance Series Routers

Fast, reliable, and built to last

Peplink’s Balance dual-WAN routers are straightforward and powerful, and are ideal for users of any size, from small offices all the way to large enterprises. The team at 888VoIP can help determine the Balance series router that is the ideal fit for your deployment.

The Balance Series allows you to utilize Load Balancing and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding, which delivers superfast VoIP, video streaming, and data using an SD-WAN enabled network. Switching is seamless and automatic, so users can mix different transport technologies and providers to keep the network up when individual links go down.

These routers are thoroughly tested, so Peplink ensures that they are capable of years to uptime and can handle the monthly bandwidth. Enterprise functionality is made simple with the Balance series, and the browser-based interface makes load balancing quick and easy to configure. Even your non-technical support can install the Balance.

Software-Defined (SD) Switch

Expect more from your switch

The Peplink SD Switch provides assurance that managing switches and all connected devices will be a worry-free experience. The SD Switch is equipped with software intelligence, which enables cloud-based management. It’s easy to view the status of every SD switch on a single interface. The cloud-based tool also allows users to view all devices in their network with an easy search by MAC address to pinpoint the culprit’s exact port. Like all Peplink devices, the SD Switch is extremely powerful, equipped with dual AC power inputs and up to 3x PSU. The switch will run no matter what.

Surf SOHO Router

Professional Grade for Power Users

The Surf SOHO is a professional-grade router that is secure, stable, and easy to use and designed for longevity. With the Surf SOHO, connect to the Internet with either a USB cellular modem, Ethernet, or WiFi. When hooking the Surf SOHO up to Ethernet or cellular connections, the device will automatically fail over from one to another as needed. You will stay connected even if a connection breaks.

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