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Polycom® is a premier provider of communications and collaboration technology that is aimed at creating the most natural experiences. From desk phones, audio and video conferencing solutions, analytics, and services, customers are provided with the best experience in any environment. Polycom consistently delivers exceptional products that exceed even the greatest of customers’ expectations.

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Polycom VVX 450 from 888VoIP

Why Choose Polycom?

Partnering with Polycom® is going to arm you with the most powerful collaboration tools that provide top-of-the-line user experiences. Polycom® sets the industry standard for secure, high-quality audio, video, and content-sharing while focusing on a more enjoyable and productive experience. It’s no wonder that 415,000 customers have chosen Polycom®.

Enhance Productivity with a Polycom Desk Phone

When using a Polycom desk phone, your teams can connect more effectively & efficiently from day one. Polycom desk phones feature the industry’s best sound quality featuring exclusive Polycom® HD Voice™, simple & intuitive interfaces, pre-integration to the platform of your choice, & the world’s most refined set of Open SIP features. Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ technology eliminates distracting background noises, delivering quiet service in even the loudest environments. There is a Polycom VoIP Desk Phone for every user type, from entry-level to executive.

Explore the abundant options Polycom has waiting for you.

Polycom VVX 250 from 888VoIP

Basic & Entry-Level

Ideal for home offices, shared or common
areas, or today’s cubicle workers that handle
low to moderate call volumes

Polycom VVX 350 from 888VoIP


Suitable for today’s office workers, call centers,
or attendant consoles that are seeking crystal clear communications

Polycom VVX 450 from 888VoIP

Professional & Executive

Perfect for providing best-in-class communication & productivity-enhancing applications for busy professionals, managers, & corporate executives

Your New Conference Phone

It’s time to put an end to unproductive conference calls. Polycom does just that. The Polycom conference phone collection ensures that everyone feels as if they are in the same room with speakerphone technology that delivers the clearest sound possible. Advanced audio innovations allow the conference phone to adapt to different room environments. Everyone can hear and be heard, so nothing will ever be missed.

Polycom Trio 8800 from 888VoIP

Polycom conference phone solutions are different, hands down.

  • Patented acoustic technologies provide enterprise-grade audio quality that allows all participants to contribute and be heard
  • Broad interoperability with analog phones and leading IP telephony systems, including Broadsoft, Office 365, and Skype for Business, provides investment protection
  • Quickly and easily customize your system to meet your office-specific needs
  • USB speakerphones enable versatile communications on the go

Polycom is Advanced Audio

At Polycom, innovation never sleeps. When it comes to audio technologies, Polycom is known for enterprise-grade audio that empowers teams to work together more effectively, reduces background noise, and improves the overall call experience. Learn more about four different Polycom audio innovations that will kick your communications up a notch.

Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™

Software & hardware technologies that bring the audio experience as close as possible to actually being present: acoustic echo cancellation, microphone steering, noise reduction, and more.

Polycom® HD Voice™

Say goodbye to poor quality phone calls. Patented Polycom® HD Voice™ technology that delivers more than twice the clarity of an ordinary phone call, resulting in life-like conversations.

Polycom® Acoustic Fence™

Keep your conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions. Background noises are automatically reduced using advanced echo cancellations that cancels out all noise except the speaker’s voice.

Polycom® NoiseBlock™

Keep non-human noises from impacting your video and audio calls. Polycom® NoiseBlock™ not only reduces background noise but automatically mutes/gates lines if non-human sounds are present in a room.

Polycom Device Management Made Easy: PDMS-SP

With Polycom Device Management Service for Service Providers (PDMS-SP), you can effortlessly manage your Polycom phones and ATAs through a cloud portal. Easily add devices and voice services, configure devices, and check device status. By utilizing PDMS-SP, you can also schedule & automate updates, receive imperative insight to improve customer satisfaction, solve problems proactively with detailed troubleshooting capabilities, and more!

Polycom Updates

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