VTech Hospitality Solutions

Since 1976, VTech has been a world-leading manufacturer of corded & cordless phones for the hospitality market. When you choose VTech phones, you can count on world-class service & support, elegant styling, market-leading engineering, and the greenest standards. You can relax knowing that VTech understands what users want.

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VTech Hotel Phones

Keep guests and staff connected in even the most fast-paced hospitality settings.
Classic Hotels Phones
Refined styles that complement decor. Available in analog solutions.
Contemporary Hotels Phones

Complementing today’s decor with features that will ensure guests feel at home. Available in SIP and analog solutions.

The VTech Advantage
Innovative design and engineering with the highest and greatest standards.
Administrative Solutions
SIP phones that help keep every area in a hotel connected.
And Conference Solutions
With cutting-edge sound and revolutionary wireless microphones for conference areas.
Antibacterial Plastic

Antibacterial plastic, Zeomic, an inorganic antibacterial agent, helps prevent guests and staff from germs, as well as the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Experience the Future of Hotel Phones

When you choose VTech phones for your property, you can count on world-class service and support, market-leading engineering and the greenest standards. You can relax knowing we understand what your guests want, too.

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