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Grandstream’s New Access Points for Indoors & Outdoors: the GWN7615 & GWN7605LR

If your customers are ones that experience medium-to-high user density and are craving scalability, get them acquainted with the new Grandstream GWN7615 & GWN7605LR Access Points. Choose an enterprise performance 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi Access Point based upon your customers’ indoor/outdoor needs, necessary coverage range, and concurrent client support demands.

The GWN7615 for Indoor Use

The GWN7615 is the optimal choice for any customer – from office building to retail location to hotel – who is looking to create a scalable solution. The GWN7615 supports advanced QoS, low-latency real-time applications, captive portals, and dual Gigabit network ports with PoE/PoE+. Each Access Point will support 200+ concurrent Wi-Fi client devices and extend up to 175-meters in coverage range. It also offers dual-band 3×3:3 MU-MIMO technology, as well as a sophisticated antenna design that allows for maximum network throughput.

Grandstream GWN7615 Access Point

One of the highlights of the Access Point is how competitive its price point is for possessing so many high-level features. The GWN7615 was designed for a lower price point, which is ideal for cost-sensitive and mid-volume Wi-Fi deployments, such as cafes, lecture halls, and offices. It is both affordable and powerful, as it is also packed with:

  • Beamforming technology to detect wireless clients & then focus signals towards them
  • Support of up to 16 SSID channels with customized client configurations, captive portal, and bandwidth limits
  • Prioritization of network traffic/devices so critical tasks don’t compete for bandwidth
  • Multiple management options through the GWN.Cloud, GWN Manager or the built-in controller

How does it stack up to the other GWN indoor access points? The GWN7615 is ideal for those who are looking for a range of 175 meters, as some of its predecessors are better fit for those who need 165 meters or less. The GWN7615 also supports fewer client devices than other options in the GWN7600 series, making it ideal for deployments where budget is important. Unlike other options, though, it is equipped with 1300 5G throughput (3×3:3 MU-MIMO) and higher 2.4G throughput of 450Mbps.

The GWN7615 is perfect for medium-to-large office spaces, commercial shops, and schools. Medium and large offices can utilize the GWN7615 to create a mobile working environment for employees, which will be quick and easy for onsite IT teams to manage. Commercial stores can use the GWN7615 to create Wi-Fi environments for both guests and staff, utilizing multiple network SSIDs and client configuration to create dedicated networks for employees and customers. Less-demanding education environments, on the other hand, can be used by both the staff and students. IT can create a client configuration that limits the time of day students can access the Wi-Fi and can also whitelist devices. Easily adjust the Wi-Fi network year-to-year as student admission levels fluctuate.

The GWN7605LR for Outdoor Use

For deployments that extend to the outdoors, choose the new Grandstream GWN7605LR Access Point. This access point can be used both indoors and out, but sports a weatherproof design & innovative antenna specifically for outdoor conditions. The GWN7605LR is equipped with dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO technology, coverage range of 250 meters, and support of 100+ concurrent Wi-Fi clients. It features 1.27Gbps aggregate wireless throughput, as well as 2xGigabit wireline ports. It is equipped with security measures, such as anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown via digital signatures, which is a necessity in today’s day and age.

Grandstream GWN7605LR Outdoor Access Point

Like the GWN7615, this access point is competitive in not only its feature set, but also in affordability. The GWN7605LR Access Points is also comprised of:

  • Market-leading Wi-Fi standards that support past, present, and future Wi-Fi devices
  • IP66-level weatherproofing of its casing
  • Beamforming technology
  • Customized SSIDs
  • QoS Standards
  • Captive Portals

Many different verticals will be attracted to this Access Points option, including warehouses/manufacturing, commercial shops, and education. In large outdoor and indoor warehouses and logistics facilities, the GWN7605LR will be of interest due to its massive Wi-Fi environment for employees. Its weatherproof casing and long-range capabilities will create a reliable network with little connection loss, while beamforming technology will ensure that mobile work-devices maintain a speedy connection. Retails stores with outdoor seating, patios, or shopping areas will be able to create separate strong, reliable Wi-Fi networks for both staff and guests. Less-demanding education environments with outdoor areas (playgrounds, sporting areas, outdoor seating, commons areas on campuses) can use the GWN7605LR for both students and teachers. Like the GWN7615, client configurations allow for students to only access Wi-Fi at specific times or by using white-listed devices.

Both the GWN7615 and GWN7605LR integrate with other Grandstream devices available through 888VoIP, including cordless Wi-Fi phones, desktop endpoints, intercoms, and paging solutions. To learn more about Grandstream product integration with these new access points, contact an 888VoIP Account Manager at 888-864-7786 or

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