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How To: Integrate Fire Panels with CyberData VoIP Endpoints

As technology changes & more customers move to VoIP, traditional phone lines are being phased out in favor of newer technologies – even when it comes to fire alarm control panels. Fortunately, you can utilize your current fire alarm system by integrating it with your new VoIP system. How? Using one of CyberData’s IP to Analog Endpoints.

CyberData’s SIP endpoints are built specifically with integration in mind:

  • Integration with Fire Panels to provide an enhanced notification system
  • Integration with your Hosted provider or on-prem IP PBX server
  • Integration within your existing Analog paging system

Check out the solution below to see how you can integrate an existing Fire Panel (and your PoE Switch and Cloud or on-prem PBX) with CyberData endpoints.

Unsure of how to set up a complete CyberData solution for your customer so that they can properly utilize their existing fire panel? Or are you just short on time to create a full blueprint for their deployment? Take advantage of CyberData’s free Design Services Program by contacting the team at

For all of your CyberData Endpoint needs, turn to 888VoIP. 888VoIP carries all the VoIP endpoints your clients are looking for, including speakers, paging servers, microphones, strobes, and more.

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