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Patton SmartNode SN500

Overview of the Patton mini eSBC SN500

The Snom M100 Series

UPGRADE to the T3 & T4U Series from Yealink

Complete Overview of CyberData and Their Products Programs

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Yealink Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Empowering your Communication & Collaboration.

Yealink Voice & Video Solutions for Microsoft Teams.

Introduction to the New Yealink T5 Series

Join Kyle Oursler, Vendor Business Manager at 888VoIP, for an hour-long webinar where he will explore the ins & outs of the new Yealink T5 Series. Throughout the webinar, you will learn how the new T5 series compares to the previous T5 series, what new innovations are available on these phones, how to sell the new series, and more!

Yealink Teams Certified Devices: Introduction

Microsoft Teams improves both communication & collaboration experiences. Productivity is even further enhanced when paired with the recently certified Yealink T56A/T58A/CP960. Learn about these Yealinks products, the benefits of using a Teams-certified device, and more. Download a copy of the presentation here.

SD-WAN for the SMB

Traditionally, SD-WAN catered to the needs of enterprises, neglecting the concerns of small to medium-sized businesses. In response to market demands, Ribbon/Edgewater Networks developed an SD-WAN solution that fully addressed what the SMB needed. This webinar dives into this unique SD-WAN solution, use case scenarios, and more. For more information, visit www.cloudcopartner.com.

Yealink Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams Solutions Webinar

At the beginning of 2018, Yealink announced their upcoming line of Microsoft Teams phones, which complement their existing Skype for Business solutions. Now, there are more choices for everyone, from the SMB to large enterprises. Kyle Oursler, Channel Account Manager at 888VoIP, provides insight on choosing the ideal solution for every business associate. He also gives an overview of the Teams phones, discusses how to choose between SFB & Teams, and informs you on how to transition from Lync to SFB/Teams.

Sennheiser SDW 5000 Webinar

888VoIP and Doug Bowersox, Sales Director at Sennheiser, provide an in-depth look at the state-of-the-art SDW 5000 series. Modern offices are built around mobility and with the Sennheiser SDW 500 headsets, you can seamlessly connect all your devices and take your calls where you need to.

Mediatrix's Simplifying VoIP Deployments Webinar

Marco Rubio, Senior Account Manager at Media5 Corporation, provides an in-depth discussion of the extensive Mediatrix product line, including their powerful gateways and SBCs.

Yealink VC200 & Cloud Platforms

Kyle Oursler, Channel Account Manager & Yealink VCS Specialist at 888VoIP, discusses the ins & outs of the new Yealink VC200 solution – ideal for small conference spaces & huddle rooms. Oursler then transitions into a discussion on how the VC200 works with cloud-based VC platforms, such as Easymeeting, BlueJeans, and Zoom.

Yealink DECT Solutions

Join 888VoIP for a discussion on the newest DECT solutions from Yealink, including the W41P wireless desk phone. Learn how these solutions work with other Yealink devices. We will also help you determine which solution would be best for you and your customers’ needs.

Edgewater SD-WAN Webinar

Edgewater Networks discusses the new cutting-edge approach to SD-WAN. This unique SD-WAN solution supports the needs and values of the SMB, addressing performance and resiliency. Learn more about the core components of the EWN SD-WAN solution, including application-specific priority, multi-link performance, stateful SIP transfer, and survivability.

Yealink Skype for Business Webinar

Kyle Oursler, Channel Account Manager and Yealink Specialist from 888VoIP, provides a rundown of Yealink’s innovative Skype for Business T4S IP Phones, as well as the benefits of utilizing a SFB solution.

Yealink Video Conferencing Webinar

Kyle Oursler, a Channel Account Manager and Yealink VCS Specialist at 888VoIP, runs through Yealink’s comprehensive line of video conferencing solutions. Oursler discusses the highlights and benefits of Yealink VCS and provides a detailed overview of the VC500, VC800, and YMS.

Yeastar Solutions Webinar

Learn about Yeastar and their innovative telecommunications equipment, including Yeastar VoIP PBX Systems and VoIP gateways for the SMB. John Zador, National Account Executive for 888VoIP, provides a detailed rundown of Yeastar’s VoIP PBX, including the S-Series, new Cloud PBX, and gateway solutions.

SimpleWAN Overview Webinar

Josh Haselhorst, Wholesale Manager for SimpleWAN, discusses how SimpleWAN makes IT life easier with their simplified cloud-based networking solutions that allow users to easily monitor and manage business locations. We look at SimpleWAN’s current solutions, as well as their product roadmap for 2018.

Grandstream UCM Solutions Webinar

Ernesto Calderon, Support Manager for Grandstream, provides an in-depth look at Grandstream’s series of UCM IP PBXs and how the UCM solution integrates across their product line platform. A powerful yet easy to manage platform has never been more achievable than when anchored with Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX.

Yealink CP920/CP960 Webinar

Kyle Oursler, a Channel Account Manager at 888VoIP, talks about two of Yealink’s most innovative conference phone solutions: the CP920 and CP960. These conference phones are revolutionizing conference calls and meeting experiences due to their advanced features, HD audio, and sleek design.

Edgewater Networks' Cloud2Edge Webinar

Jim O’Loughlin, Director of Sales from Edgewater Networks, discusses Edgewater Networks’ Cloud2Edge Complete Solution: a subscription-based solution that allows resellers to manage all devices across all customers from one place. Our webinar covers the basics of Cloud2Edge, including the EdgeView Service Control Center, the benefits of this solution, technical aspects of Cloud2Edge, and its future for businesses.

Snom Product Webinar

Join Tommy Lee, VP of Sales from Snom, as he discusses an array of 3CX fully-qualified Snom products, including desk phones, DECT wireless phones, and the Snom PA1 public announcement system. Also, learn more about VTech® and the ErisStation® product line.

Grandstream Networking & IP Video Door Phone Webinar

Grandstream and 888VoIP discuss the features and benefits of utilizing Grandstream’s newest networking solutions: the GWN7600 and 7610 Wireless Access Points and GWN7000 Gigabit Router. Also, explore all the NEW Grandstream GDS3710 IP Video Door Phone has to offer and how it can help achieve your business’ security and surveillance needs.

Patton Enabling IoT Webinar

Patton and 888VoIP teach you how Patton’s CopperLink 1101 can help provide you with hassle-free IoT. The CopperLink 1101 helps enable Ethernet connectivity over previously installed copper infrastructure. Learn how to breathe new life into circuits previously deployed for traditional non-IP applications.

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