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Patton SN5200/4B/EUI Scales to Connect Voice, Video, and Data


The Patton SN5200/4B/EUI Enterprise Session Border Router bridges the wide range of IP PBX products to their service providers ensuring security and a high level of efficiency in the VoIP network.

Connecting the Enterprise’s LAN to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), the Patton SN5200/4B/EUI creates a single conduit for multimedia components including voice, video, and data.

SN5200 Application

The Patton SN5200/4B/EUI has an impressive array of features, including:

  • A SIP Back-to-Back User Agent for standardized communication between the service provider network and each remote location, despite the wide range of variance in PBXs and network infrastructure.
  • An added layer of protection for the remote location, hiding the private address and network topology of the remote network from the outside world.
  • SIP-aware NAT and Access Controlled Lists for maintaining secure SIP communication between the remote location and the service provider’s network.
  • Advanced routing capabilities such as RIP v1/v2, virtual router redundancy protocol, loopback interfaces, policy based routing, and Patton’s signature Downstream QoS.
  • Link status based routing combined with a SIP registrar enables survivable telephony services to be deployed between intra-office SIP clients if the connection between the remote office and the service provider is interrupted.

Patton SmartNode 5200

The Patton SN5200/4B/EUI easily scales to suit the needs of your remote locations. The Patton SN5200/4B/EUI supports up to 4 SIP calls out of the box, and the call capacity can be upgraded in increments of 4 with the Patton license SNSW-4B, up to a maximum of 32 simultaneous SIP calls.

Maximum SIP Calls Ordering Information
4 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI
8 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 1x Patton SNSW-4B
12 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 2x Patton SNSW-4B
16 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 3x Patton SNSW-4B
20 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 4x Patton SNSW-4B
24 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 5x Patton SNSW-4B
28 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 6x Patton SNSW-4B
32 Patton SN5200/4B/EUI + 7x Patton SNSW-4B

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