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PDMS-SP: Polycom Management Made Simple

Polycom PDMS-SP

There are enough complexities when it comes to managing day-to-day IT and VoIP operations. Polycom device management should not be one of these hassles, though. With Polycom Device Management Service for Service Providers, it is easy to centrally manage and troubleshoot Polycom voice devices from a secure cloud.

Polycom Device Management Service for Service Providers – also referred to as PDMS-SP – is Polycom’s innovative take on cloud management. This service not only speeds up deployments, but also reduces any ongoing affiliated operating expenses. It also helps SPs to deliver better lifecycle support, in turn accelerating their business. PDMS-SP can be greatly scaled, allowing you to support millions of devices from multiple tenants worldwide. With PDMS-SP, Service Providers can now:

  • Schedule & automate updates
  • Adjust configurations in real-time
  • Gain insight to improve customer satisfaction
  • Proactively solve problems & anticipate tickets with detailed troubleshooting capabilities
  • Handle large scale deployments (millions of devices)
  • Grow business with greater customer acquisition at a lower cost per user

PDMS-SP’s capabilities can be broken down into three categories: managing, troubleshooting, and security.

1.) Management: It is imperative for Service Providers to properly deploy services. Additionally, these services must run flawlessly and must function at peak performance. If SPs can ensure that this is the case, field-failures will be significantly reduced and customer service will greatly improve. Some management functions of PDMS-SP include:

  • Deploy audio devices with built-in configuration tools. Ensure a high-level of success right at the install.
  • Remotely add, remove, restart & reboot devices. This will limit the need to send a tech into the field.
  • Understand device configurations with data portability
  • Add or remove new organizations/sub-organizations, including user access permission levels

2.) Troubleshooting: Avoid costly churn and disrupted voice services by having full visibility into device information, capabilities, health, call details, and network status. Your business and your customer satisfaction can be negatively impacted due to downtime (whether it is real or perceived device failure). PDMS-SP helps you avoid these problems since you can:

  • Collect device data and come up with an immediate solution strategy (time, duration, quality, MOS, packets dropped, latency)
  • Download & store logs remotely (portal web server, device logs, packet captures)
  • Run SIP SLG and speed tests
  • Set logging levels
  • Record syslog

3.) Security: Security must be a top consideration when you are utilizing a cloud-based solution. PDMS-SP has been designed, developed, tested, and deployed with security integrated into each and every step.

  • All aspects of information collection, storage, transmission, and removal are protected through industry best-practices.
  • Assured design throughout the Secure Software Development Lifecycle, which focuses on design through architecture reviews, code reviews, and internal penetration testing.
  • All server & client browser communications are secured over TLS connection. This encrypts all requests & responses. Customer data is encrypted in-transit with strong cryptology (up to TLS v1.2).
  • When personal data is transferred from E.U. customers to the U.S., it is done through Intragroup Data Transfer Agreement. This incorporates the E.U. Standard Contractual Clauses as the transfer mechanism.

Polycom is known for setting the bar high, with innovative voice & video solutions, cutting edge features such as Acoustic Field, and customer-focused programs like DaaS. PDMS-SP is just another facet of Polycom that helps you instantly propel your business. For more information on Polycom and PDMS-SP, contact an Account Manager from 888VoIP at 888-864-7786.

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