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Poly Trio 8300: 7 Reasons Small Conference Rooms Need It

Poly Trio 8300 Conference Phone from 888VoIP

“Size matters” when it comes to conference rooms – or does it? Sometimes we think – “the smaller the room, the harder it is to communicate.” Sure, it’s easy to hear each other in tighter quarters, but the thought of being crammed into a small room can be a bit offputting. Cramped quarters can even limit the quality of collaboration. Conference room size can be a thing of the past, though, with the Poly Trio 8300 conference phone. This solution transforms huddle rooms & tiny meeting hubs into smart collaboration spaces – all with the touch of a button.

The Poly Trio 8300 covers rooms approximately 24’x24′. The Trio 8300 has been appropriately designed to accommodate spaces that hold two to give people. Do not mistake, though. This powerful solution may work in tiny rooms, but it’s still enterprise-grade.

Why should you and your customers choose the newest addition to the cutting-edge Trio series?

  1. Legendary Voice Quality: Every meeting is productive with Poly’s legendary voice quality, including Poly NoiseBlock technology which tunes out distractions. The Trio features a 12′ range & three cardioid microphones, so everyone will be heard loudly and clearly.
  2. One-Touch-Join: The phone’s ease-of-use is at an all-time high with the one-touch-join button. Start a meeting in just seconds.
  3. Connectivity to Multiple Platforms at Once: Maximize your investment with connectivity to standards-based open SIP call platforms and services, which is ideal for hybrid environments. The Poly Trio 8300 supports simultaneous hybrid registration to multiple ecosystems.
  4. Audio Connectivity for Mobile Devices: Connect mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth to use the speakerphone.
  5. WiFi Audio Calling: Enjoy clearly WiFi calls with less interferences.
  6. Affordability: You’ve only budgeted so much for hardware upgrades & know that conference phones can run on the pricy side. No worries, though. A quality conference phone should not have a hefty price tag. This conference phone, though, is positioned at an affordable price point. If you’re still leary of dedicating your remaining hardware budget to another phone solution, take advantage of the Poly Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) program. You can covert your purchase to a low-cost, simple rental that also features an advanced replacement warranty.
  7. Support of Video Conferencing: Huddle rooms are great places to host video calls & to share content. The Poly Trio 8300 offers the Poly Visual+ accessory, as well as EagleEye USB cameras. So you can experience top-performing audio, video conferencing, and content sharing.

In the market for a new conference phone solution to offer? Look for further than 888VoIP for all of your Poly Trio needs. Whether customers desire a huddle room solution or need a device for larger conference rooms with up to ten+ people, Poly has a solution. Contact 888VoIP at 888-864-7786 to learn about Poly conferencing solutions & to discover the rest of their telephony portfolio.

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