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How Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ Revolutionizes Call Quality & Clarity

Background noise is one of the biggest deterrents of an effective phone call. Often times, associates find themselves scurrying into an unoccupied conference room, break area, or even their car when taking or making an important call. This disables them from conducting a fully productive meeting, which should have been held conveniently at their desk or work space. Polycom® knew that background noise was one of the biggest concerns for call quality and developed the Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ to improve voice clarity.

How does the Polycom Acoustic Fence work?

Polycom Acoustic Fence has been designed to keep business conversations free from distracting background noises by dramatically improving upon voice clarity. An advanced echo cancellation technique automatically reduces background noises, including co-workers’ talking, machinery, music, etc. This technique will cancel out all soundwaves except for the actual speaker’s voice. Polycom Acoustic Fence creates a virtual “audio fence” with its microphones so that any sound that is outside of that fence is blocked from being heard by call participants. In the end, all that is heard is the speaker, so meetings are infinitely more productive.

Acoustic Fence includes two different elements that often work in conjunction with one another:

  • Smart Gating: This function closes the microphones whenever sound from only outside of the “fence” is detected
  • Spectral Subtraction: This function reduces or even eliminates sounds that are originating from outside of the “fence”

The VVX Acoustic Fence technology boasts an array of benefits, but some of the biggest are reduced frustration levels, reduced call duration, and increased productivity. With Polycom Acoustic Fence, the call participant will hear you and only you. Frustration will be greatly reduced for both you and participants, as participants will not have to interrupt the conversation to ask you to repeat yourself. Fewer interruptions will lead to shorter call durations, which is extremely important in call center environments and busy offices. In turn, calls become more productive. They’re quicker, clearer, and more efficient. Plus, you’re left with extra time to handle other important matters or to make additional calls.

Demonstrating Polycom Acoustic Fence

Just reading about Acoustic Fence does not completely do the technology justice. Experience how this technology limits the pickup of microphone audio during a simulated “zombie apocalypse.” The call will only pick up the speaker’s voice — omitting any background noise (in this case, zombies).

For an in-depth evaluation of Polycom Acoustic Fence, as well as Polycom NoiseBlock™, read the full white paper by Wainhouse Research. Wainhouse Research conducted hands-on testing of both innovative audio capabilities. Their research yielded outstanding results when it came to dealing with unwanted noise during a call.

Learn More

888VoIP recently announced the addition of Polycom to its manufacturer portfolio. Contact your 888VoIP sales representative to learn more about all of Polycom’s solutions. Want to learn more about Polycom Acoustic Fence? Our sales and technical support team are ready to speak with you! Polycom Acoustic Fence is available on Polycom VVX IP phones, RealPresence Group Series video systems, and more. Talk to our expert team at 888-864-7786 to get more information on all models with Acoustic Fence.

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