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Polycom DaaS: Benefits of Leasing VoIP Phones

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a term that has been frequently appearing as of late. Due to its newfound popularity, the concept has piqued the interest of many ITSPs and rightfully so. DaaS allows Service Providers to offer VoIP hardware equipment as a per-user monthly rental, instead of solely offering the traditional up-front purchase. Both the ITSP and the customer can benefit immensely with DaaS. By utilizing the Polycom® DaaS program, ITSPs are able to lease out Polycom phones and, in turn, improve their bottom line.

Benefits to the ITSP

  1. Enhance Current OfferingsITSPs are already offering state-of-the-art Polycom products, but now it’s possible to offer a flexible, customizable, and ever-changing option. Polycom DaaS is a simple, a la carte program that will provide an ITSP’s customers with a great end-to-end Polycom experience and no ownership responsibility.
  2. Keep up with the changing marketThe expectations of IT are changing and customers expect products to be current. When an ITSP purchases a large number of phones to sell, these devices may sit in a warehouse unpurchased. In the end, these leftover units may be steeply discounted in order to be sold. With Polycom DaaS, ITSPs do not own the phones, so it’s possible to reduce extra inventory and offer the latest Polycom releases.
  3. No Ownership Responsibility: The third-party administrator, Data Sales, will take ownership of the equipment. The ITSP will not assume responsibility for the equipment.
  4. Improved Margins: With no upfront costs, the ITSP will be cash flow positive in month one. Plus, all margins are service margins, which have no negative impact.
  5. No changes to prices, rebates, and distributor relationship: DaaS is quite simple and an 888VoIP Account Manager can walk managed ITSPs through it. Simply put, the standard sales process remains the same, excepting for changing “bill to” to Data Sales.
  6. Include other services: ITSPs can include other costs into the customer’s monthly payment, such as provisioning and shipping.
  7. Marketing opportunities: Increase the competitive edge by pairing DaaS with other marketing opportunities, such as a free phone with service or complimentary entry-level phone.
  8. Close business faster: Improve the speed of closing business by eliminating too many handset choices.

Benefits to the Customer

  1. A monthly payment: Instead of having to make a big upfront purchase, customers are now paying monthly. End-customers will only be required to sign their normal monthly agreement with the ITSP.  The monthly payments will move the rental (purchase) from a capital expenditure to an operating expense.
  2. Quick scalabilityBy leasing, customers will only deploy the phones that they need. If employee count fluctuates, it is quick and easy to scale up or down the deployment.
  3. Phone replacementIf a phone fails, there is no need to worry. Polycom will replace any faulty phones for up to seven years.
  4. Refresh modelsPolycom has many devices available to lease, with new models periodically added. Customers will have the ability to access the latest and greatest from Polycom and will be able to refresh their hardware. Gone are the days of being “stuck” using costly, old, and outdated VoIP hardware.
  5. No leftover equipmentSince scalability is enabled with DaaS, extra equipment will not be sitting around. Once the contract is done or equipment is no longer needed, it is sent back. No more old devices collecting dust in closets and warehouses.
  6. Cancelation at any timeThe Polycom DaaS Program allows customers to cancel and return phones at any time with just 30-day notice.

Polycom DaaS Process

Polycom DaaS from 888VoIP

When partnering with 888VoIP, the Polycom DaaS process will be efficient and effortless. Just place your PO with 888VoIP for phones and the 7-year replacement plan. Next, simply request 88VoIP to “invoice Data Sales.”  888VoIP will ship your product and will also invoice Data Sales, the third-party administrator. Data Sales will pay 888VoIP and take ownership of the equipment. The ITSP will only need to worry about the monthly rental payment from Data Sales for as long as a phone is at a customer’s location.

Currently, the Polycom DaaS program is available for all VVX models, Trio conference phones, and IP5000/6000/7000. To get started and to learn more about Polycom DaaS, contact an 888VoIP Channel Account Manager at 888-864-7786.

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