Mediatrix Sentinel 400 Single-PSU Base Unit (Includes 3 SBC Demo Licenses)

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Mediatrix Sentinel 400 Single-PSU Base Unit (Includes 3 SBC Demo Licenses)

SKU: MED-S111K10003MX000000000000

Availability: Special Order - Call for Availability

Customers can order individual modules or a combination of them assembled from factory into a Sentinel base unit. By default Sentinel 400 is delivered with 3 SBC session licenses. Additional licences can be later uploaded for service activation. Sentinel also offers optional redundant power supply and 48 VDC unit.

The Sentinel 400 bundles the capabilities of a Session Border Controller and a Media Gateway. Robust, field-upgradable, and ready for third-party software integration, this multi-service business platform is designed for medium and large enterprises. Sentinel 400 is ideally targeting applications for up to 2000 users.

The Sentinel 400 delivers a flexible architecture designed to address a variety of applications including security, demarcation point, SIP normalisation, and survivability.

Sentinel SBCs are fully certified with Broadsoft softswitches.



  • The Mediatrix Sentinel ensures the quality of service by establishing calls through a secondary server or through the PSTN when the primary server is temporarily unavailable.
Network Demarcation
  • Sentinel monitors the quality of service and provides enhanced troubleshooting tools to understand and resolve failures affecting the service.
SIP Normalisation
  • The Mediatrix Sentinel normalises SIP signaling protocols supported by vendors into a single well-defined interface that can be adapted to any specific IMS or Softswitch implementation.
Integration with Third-Party Applications
  • Sentinel provides an open environment for system integrators to bundle their own applications into a business-class multi-service platform, optimising CPE investment while addressing the complete solution for customer needs.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mediatrix
Core Features
Carrier-Grade Voice Quality
  • T.38 and clear channel fax over IP
  • High performance processing of up to 250 voice channels

Robust Security
  • Enterprise communication encryption
  • SIP-enabled firewall inspects and authorises communications and prevents DoS attacks

Easy Configuration and Management
  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Intuitive Web GUI

  • Dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4
  • NAT, firewall, and router capabilities

Field Upgradability
  • Scalable and modular design allows adding interface cards as enterprise needs
  • Third-party application integration
Technical Info
Session Border Controller
  • Back-to-Back user agent
  • SIP header manipulation
  • SIP registrar
  • SIP authentication
  • SIP failover
  • Registration throttling/caching
  • Call forking
  • Advanced, rule-based, call routing
  • Dynamic call routing based on:
    • Peer monitoring state
    • Registration cache
  • Call Admission Control (CAC), per trunk, based on:
    • Call volume
    • Bandwidth Usage
    • Concurrent calls
  • Near and far-end NAT traversal
  • Audio and video media relay
  • Codec filtering
  • SIP and media encryption
  • UDP/TCP/TLS interworking
  • DTMF interworking
  • Transcoding – special order
  • WebRTC – special order

Media Processing
  • G.711 (A-law and µ-law), G.726, and G.729a/b
  • G.168 echo cancellation
  • DTMF detection and generation
  • Carrier tone detection and generation
  • Silence detection/suppression and comfort noise
  • Configurable de-jitter buffer and packet length

IP Telephony Protocol
  • SIP (RFC 3261) over UDP, TCP, and TLS
  • IMS (3GPP TS 24.229)
  • RTP (RFC 3550)
  • SDP (RFC 4566)
  • Multi-part body support
  • Redundancy support via DNS SRV
  • Multiple trunk support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack signaling and media

Digital Telephony
  • ISDN NI-2 (US T1 PRI)
  • ISDN DMS100 (US T1 PRI)
  • ISDN speech, audio, and data (Fax Gr 4, UDI 64, and RDI 64)
  • ECMA-143 (QSIG-BC)
  • E1 R2 digital line signaling (ITU-T Q.421)
  • E1 R2 MFC interregister signaling (ITU-T Q.441)
  • Presets for: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Philipines, and ITU-T
  • T1/E1 E&M (Immediate, Wink-Start, Feature Group-B, and Feature Group-D), MF-R1, DTMF
  • Advice of Charge AOC-D, AOC-E (ETS 300 182)

Analog Telephony
  • Support for call forward, call transfer, conference call, call waiting, CCNR, and CCBS
  • Multiple country presets
  • Customisable tones and ring patterns
  • Echo cancellation
  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI), via FSK
  • On-hook/off-hook caller ID generation (name & number) as per Bell-core DTMF or FSK and Telebras BINA
  • Answer and disconnect signaling

Call Routing
  • Local switching
  • Call filtering and blocking
  • Calling/called number manipulation using regular expressions
  • Routing criteria:
    • Interface
    • Calling/called party number
    • Calling/called URI
    • Time of day, day of week, and date
    • Many others
  • Mapping and transformation of call properties to/from SIP headers
  • Hunt groups

Fax and Modem Support
  • Group 3/super G3 fax real-time fax over IP
  • T.38 fax relay (9.6 k and 14.4 k)
  • Clear channel (G.711) fax and modem pass-through

Enhanced Security
  • Signaling and media topology hiding
  • Denial of Service (DoS) protection of core and enterprise networks
  • Call rate limitation
  • SIP over TLS
  • SRTP with AES cipher – 128 bits
  • SDES key management protocol (RFC 4568)
  • TLS-encrypted configuration and management
  • X.509 certificate management
  • OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) revocation status verification
  • Supported TLS key exchange mechanism:
    • • RSA
    • • Diffie-Hellman
    • Supported TLS ciphers (minimum):
    • • AES (128 and 256 bits)
    • • 3DES (168 bits)

  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • TR-069, TR-104, and TR-111
  • Web GUI
  • SSH and TELNET
  • SMNP v1, v2c, and v3
  • Scripts/firmware files uploaded via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and TFTP
  • Multiple levels of management access rights
  • Customisable CDR
  • Event notifications via Syslog, SIP, log file, and SNMP traps
  • Remote activation of service licenses

Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Alarms and traps
  • Call Details Record (CDR)
  • Subscriber’s active registration and call monitoring
  • Media quality statistics
  • System: CPU and memory usage
  • PCM capture
  • IP network capture
  • Diagnostic traces

  • IPv4 – IPv6
  • Multiple IP addresses per link or VLAN
  • Multiple VLANs per link
  • DHCP client
  • PPPoE (RFC 2516)
  • IEEE 802.1q + DSCP QoS tagging (media, signaling, and mgmt)
  • IEEE 802.1x wired authentication
  • LLDP-med (ANSI/TIA-1057)
  • QoS traffic shaping
  • Firewall with stateful inspection, rate-limitation, and automatic black-listing
  • Static routing
  • NAPT
  • DHCP Server

Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Bandwidth limitation and traffic shaping
  • TOS/DiffServ
  • IEEE 802.1p/Q
  • RTCP-XR – special order

  • Height: 4.4 cm approx
  • Width: 48.5 cm approx.
  • Depth: 19.5 cm approx.
  • Weight: 3kg
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