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snom M9 DECT IP Phone Overview

The snom M9 is the big brother to the earlier snom M3 model. The snom M9 provides a larger, easier to use handset, G.722 Wideband Audio Support, and delivers two handsets along with the base station. Each handset can be either the same extension or have their own extension so really, right out of the box you have two extensions ready to go.

With up to 9 handsets and 4 simultaneous calls, the M9 is a worthy successor to the M3.

  • DECT technology allows for wireless calling and extreme mobility.
  • Includes 2 handsets but can connect up to 9 handsets with 4 simultaneous calls.
  • Color/picture display and general layout give it a mobile-phone like feel.

Key Features

  • 128*128 pixel colour display
  • 8 hours of call or 100 hours standby
  • 9 handsets per base station
  • 9 SIP registrations with different servers/registrars
  • 4 simultaneous VoIP calls
  • Integration with Microsoft OCS
  • Incorporates Snom SIP stack
  • Caller ID with name and image
  • Snom M9 Supports codec G.711, G.729, G.722 Wideband

Additional Key Features

  • Intercom between handsets operated by the same base
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 2.5mm headphone jack
  • Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors and backlit
  • Battery pack: Li-Ion for 10 hours
  • Operating time, 10 hours talk / 100 hours standby
  • Range 50 m indoor, 100 m outdoor
  • 9 handsets possible at one gateway
  • 9 SIP registrations
  • 4 concurrent VoIP calls
  • Microsoft OCS compatible
  • IPv6 ready
  • KlarVoice wideband audio
  • Caller ID with name and image
  • 12 key numerical keypad; 5-key navikey; 2 softkeys; 2 hook keys; Sidekeys (speakerphone and volume keys)
  • Separate charging cradle for handset
  • SIP configuration via web interface or handset. Remote provisioning configuration
  • Open DECT GAP for basic features

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