Snom D785

Featured Product: Snom D785 IP Phone for Executives

Widely known as one of the top manufacturers of high-quality business phones, Snom combines superb audio and sophisticated software with German engineering. Now part of the VTech® family, Snom is making waves with its impressive 2018 product releases, including the D785. This cutting-edge solution sports all of the telephony features needed for communication to thrive in the workplace, including enhanced graphical capabilities and dynamic universal keys. The D785 rounds out the already substantial D700 line. Meet the Snom D785 No executive [...]

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Does My Business Really Need VoIP?

Despite how technologically advanced today’s world is, many businesses are still using landline phone systems of the past. Every day, offices are reliant on the Internet and high-speed data, so naturally, it makes sense to install a business VoIP system. By implementing VoIP in any office setting, businesses will immediately experience immense benefits while modernizing communications. A VoIP business phone system has many features that a landline system is incapable of possessing. Does your business really need VoIP? The [...]


Deploying VoIP the Right Way: Essential Keys to Success

Your VoIP implementation is more than a future business improvement. If successful, it will eventually become critical to the way you work. It’s worth doing everything in your power to keep your system functioning flawlessly. Are you wondering how to get started? We’ve created this simple list of essential keys to success that you can’t afford to overlook. Whether you’re starting a small business, looking to improve your corporate communications, or are a reseller, you should definitely understand how to [...]


The Top 5 VoIP Accessories That Your Business Must Have

Business owners know the importance of having the right phone system, but do they understand the benefits that come from having complementary accessories? VoIP implementation better equips businesses for communication, putting them ahead of the competition; however, a VoIP phone system is only as good as its accessories. VoIP systems come in many shapes and sizes and there are a few common accessories that every stakeholder ought to know about. Here are five that you should consider when investing [...]

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For Customers, Service Quality During This Period Matters Most

When does the customer experience matter most? The last six months before the contract renewal date. The first year. The first 30 days. Solutions to 6 More PBX Challenges- Read Now! If you answered C, you’re correct. The bulk of customer problems will arise in the first 30 days of service. While it’s important to have happy customers through their entire lifecycle to avoid churn, it is imperative that providers have the tools necessary to get service deployed quickly and seamlessly. In a previous post, Poor Customer [...]

Business VoIP

4 Reasons Businesses Use VoIP Technology

Why Do Smart Businesses Choose VoIP Technology? Voice Over Internet Protocol, often shortened to VoIP, describes a phone service over the Internet. If you are not currently using VoIP, you are using a regular phone line – a Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). But recently, there has been a large move by businesses to move from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP is a “digital telephone service” that is replacing your traditional analog circuit and it works with a variety of different devices. Businesses [...]

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How Can My Small Business Benefit From a VoIP Phone System?

Your growing company can’t afford to stagnate in any area. Are your communication methods falling behind? VoIP wireless phone systems do more than just let you talk to your coworkers. They also augment your capacity to engage in critical business practices. These are just some of the perks that you can leverage. Enhanced Productivity The top VoIP phone systems integrate seamlessly with diverse software and hardware tools. For instance, Forbes recommends that companies use Skype for Business and other VoIP implementations [...]


Why Should You Become a Yealink Reseller?

Becoming a VoIP reseller is a once-in-a-lifetime proposition that inherently lends itself to success. Although no business model is guaranteed, this is a unique time in the history of communications. Increasing numbers of companies and private individuals are switching to digital telephony, so the data networks they use are becoming more robust. Serving as an intermediary bridging the gap between highly technical systems and non-technical users is a great niche to fill. Of course, it’s even better to establish yourself [...]


6 Conference Phone Features You Should Not Overlook

While it should not be a daunting task, selecting the proper conference phone can be a difficult duty. It can be a challenge to identify a solution that will contain all of the features that are critical to have. Before settling on a conference phone, there are a few features to not overlook. Bluetooth® Connectivity Conference phones with Bluetooth connectivity will open up a whole new world in your office environment. The Bluetooth feature will allow you to quickly and easily pair [...]


2018 Marketing Trends to Increase Your VoIP Sales

Although the thought is scary, it happens to also be true: 2018 is only months away. Right now is the ideal time to start beginning your 2018 marketing strategy. But what should you focus on? What will be the key marketing trends to focus on in the new year? And are you able to start implementing those practices now? Here are a few different strategies to start taking a look at as we round out Q3 2017. Digital Advertising Versus [...]

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