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What are Millennials Looking for in an IP Desk Phone Experience?

Yealink T58V IP Desk PhoneThere has been a change in the workplace over the past decade.  Millennials, defined as a person reaching adulthood in the 21st Century, are becoming today’s leaders.  In 2015, one of three American workers were in the 18-34 millennial age range.  Millennials are even overtaking Baby Boomers as the largest population in America.  These “digital natives” are the first generation born and raised in a digital world.  Their needs, even for an IP desk phone, differ from Baby Boomers and Generation X.

IP Desk phones are not going anywhere.  In fact, they will be the major endpoint in offices for years to come.  Before deciding upon an IP desk phone for your office environment, you should take into account Millennials’ preferences.

Millennials Love Their Cell Phones:

The younger workforce is always connected.  Remember, millennials are used to using their smartphone, which provides an easy experience.  In 2016, it was found that 98% of millennials own a smartphone.  So, their IP phone experience should mirror that of a smartphone device.  Businesses should look for an IP phone with an HD screen that has a similar interface to a smartphone – whether the screen itself has touch capabilities or not.  Millennials are looking for devices that are easy to use and have a low learning curve, so they’ll be able to transfer their knowledge of a smartphone screen to their IP desk phone.  The

IP Desk Phone VoIP

Think it’s declining?  The IP Desk Phone is rising.

new Yealink T58V is a prime example of this.

Millennials Thrive on Collaboration:

Millennials prefer a collaborative work environment.  It provides them with insight, viewpoints, and inspiration from others, allows them to build connections with co-workers, and gives them the chance to show off their abilities, too.  An IP Desk phone can enhance collaboration in a variety of ways.  When choosing an IP phone, look for one that offers the ability for users to download third-party apps to increase productivity.  Your employees will stay better connected by installing third-party chat applications.  They will also be able to better assign tasks, hit deadlines, and track projects when using project management apps.

Millennials Don’t Mind Working Remotely:

This generational group is just fine with working from home.  But, how do you ensure that your employees are still collaborating — and even working?  Video phones are the ideal solution because they will still allow your millennial employees to make those connections that they want.  They will still feel like they are part of the team (which they are!) and they’ll receive an enhanced communication experience.  There are many reasons for implementing a video conferencing system and improving the productivity of a remote worker is high on the list.

Millennials Want it to be Easy:

Your millennial employee does not want to spend hours setting up his or her phone.  They want to plug and play.  Look for an IP phone that is extremely easy to deploy.  Also, for employees who manage the phone systems, make sure that provisioning and updating are easy, too.  The front end user and the back-end manager both should be able to utilize their respective tools quickly & easily.  UC software should also offer a consolidated experience with a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand dashboard/web client.

Millennials Actually Love Feedback:

Millennials crave feedback.  72% of millennials who consistently receive feedback from their managers stated that they find much more satisfaction in their workplace.  This is exponentially higher than the 38% who reported that they feel satisfied without receiving feedback.  Utilizing a video conferencing phone can ensure that millennial employees who work remotely or who have supervisors who work elsewhere are constantly able to provide visual, full feedback.  Feedback can also be provided through third-party project management apps.  Also, Millennials don’t just want managerial feedback; they also love reports and analytics.  It is important to make sure that you are using a system that has UC reporting tools.  Younger users want easy access to call logs and phones that can tie in with your CRM programs.

So, What’s Next for IP Desk Phones and Millennials?  You Choose…

It is time for you to decide what is the best IP phone system to bring into your office environment.  Yealink’s new T5 Smart Media Phone series offers an array of ideal solutions for this generation.  The team at 888VoIP wants to help you find the best solutions for your end users.  Contact the 888VoIP team now at 888-864-7786.

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