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Yealink IP Phones: Is Your Reseller Authorized?

Yealink Warranty Update

It happens to many people on a daily basis. A product is purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, and because the seller isn’t authorized, there is no after-sales service or support. Additionally, products may be refurbished or defective and come in little to no packaging. Recently, Yealink customers have been encountering this issue. When tracing back the source of defective, second-hand, and broken products, Yealink identified all of these products coming from unauthorized online resellers.

Only purchases made through a Yealink Authorized Online Reseller is secured by Yealink’s IP Phone Warranty Service.  To ensure that product purchases are satisfactory and that Yealink customers receive the support benefits that come with Yealink phones, Yealink has released an official statement:

  1. Do not purchase Yealink IP phones through any unauthorized online resellers. Yealink may, in its sole discretion, reserve the right not to warrant or support any products that are purchased from an unauthorized source.
  2. To make sure that Yealink customers are always receiving fast and professional after-sales service from its authorized distributors and Yealink, customers should only make purchases from authorized online reseller stores which are labeled with the Yealink logo. Additionally, purchase from other regular Yealink channels to avoid any direct or indirect losses. 888VoIP is an authorized (and platinum) distributor of Yealink products.
  3. For any IP phone online resellers that sell on Amazon, eBay, and similar sites, please join Yealink’s Authorized Reseller Program.  This program will help you avoid loss of customers and legal risks. Please be reminded that only Authorized Online Resellers have the legal right to use the Yealink logo and sell Yealink products online. Yealink can take legal action against those who are unauthorized to use the Yealink logo or engage in unauthorized online sale activities of Yealink products that may damage Yealink’s brand image.

As a customer, how can one verify whether a seller is a Yealink Authorized Online Reseller or not? There are three easy ways to do so!

  • Check to see if the reseller is labeled with the Yealink logo conspicuously. Yealink’s Authorized Online Resellers will be.
  • Verify the reseller on Yealink’s website: Partner Reseller Search
  • Contact Yealink with additional questions about a reseller: [email protected]

888VoIP is an Authorized Yealink Distributor and is proud to also be a Platinum Yealink Partner. To learn about Yealink’s innovative UC solutions, including the new wireless CP930W conference phone, call your 888VoIP Channel Manager at 888-864-7786.

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