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Yealink Meeting Server (YMS): What’s New, What’s Updated

Yealink Meeting Server

It’s no surprise that work environments have vastly changed over the past handful of years, all due to factors such as globalization, popularity of mobile devices, and trend towards remote employment. To meet these changes and stay competitive in the workplace, businesses must be able to bridge the gap geographically. Businesses must ensure that global teams can come together, collaborate, and work efficiently to improve business processes.

Enter the Yealink Meeting Server (YMS), a cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure that was specifically designed for modern HD video conferencing & collaboration. This all-in-one meeting server brings together many different features & services including MCU, registrar server, directory server, traversal server, meeting & device management server, SIP trunk, WebRTC server, GK & H.460 server, Microsoft SfB (Lync) gateway, recording server, and collaboration server.

Features of Yealink Meeting Server

With the Yealink Meeting Server (YMS):

  • Create conferences with multiple modes
  • Experience broad interoperability & integration
  • Visually connect colleagues from any device, anywhere
  • Witness an optimal conference experience
  • Analyze the conference experience utilizing statistical data
Yealink Meeting Server

Multiple Modes to Create Conferences: YMS supports a variety of different VC modes, which satisfy diverse demands. These modes include P2P calls, ad-hoc and scheduled conferences, and training mode. The integrated OA features enable people to schedule video conferences & meeting rooms at the same time – all through their PC client, on the web, or via Outlook. Conference reminders & one-touch conference access will be displayed on users’ endpoints

Visually Connect Colleagues from Anywhere: YMS offers an effective real-time experience & enables multiple ways to join a conference, which puts an end to network & conferencing hassles. When at the office, a user can enjoy a simple HD video conference utilizing the room system. When traveling or working remotely, users can join the conference with a PC or mobile device software. Alternatively, they can even just open a web browser on their laptop and attend by dial-in.

Optimal Conference Experience: A VC meeting is enhanced when utilizing YMS because it features rich conference control features: mute/unmute, turning on/off camera, sharing meeting info, recording, personal customization of the conference video layout, and more! In addition, YMS supports content sharing, whiteboard, and annotation.

Conference Statistical Analysis: Administrators may want to view resource statistics and analytics of the conference – YMS makes this easy. Graphic display of conferences, MCU resources, and call detail records are available. Remote diagnostics will improve the efficiency of YMS platform management. Add an external recording server to enable media recording, storage, and on-demand learning.

Benefits of Yealink Meeting Server

Yealink Meeting Server
  • All-in-One: Brings MCU, Registrar Server, Traversal Server, Meeting & Device Management Server, Enterprise Directory Server, SIP Trunk Server, WebRTC Server, GK & H.460 Server, Microsoft SfB (Lync) Gateway Server, Recording Server, and Collaboration Server together.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: With H.323/SIP protocols and embedded GK & H.460 Server, YMS is compatible with mainstream endpoints and MCU products. It even supports interoperability with Microsoft SfB (Lync) clients for audio, video, and content sharing.
  • Security & Reliability: Based on advanced distributed architecture & server cluster technologies, YMS realizes multi-host hot standby & node management. Powerful FEC & bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment ensure real-time communication even in a weak network environment.
  • Ultra-Large Conference Capacity: YMS provides multiple large-scale conferencing solutions. The federation cascading solution meets the needs of multi-level government organizations. The interactive broadcasting conferencing solution supports webinars with up to 1500 participants. YMS can also support over 10,000 online views watching an RTMP Live meeting at the same time.
  • Extensibility & Openness: Rest API, PC, and mobile soft client SDK are open to third-party developers, which supports system integration customization.

YMS simplifies collaboration with its powerful, flexible, and comprehensive set of tools. It’s time to increase productivity, build better teams, and connect associates with crystal-clear audio, HD video, content, and web collaboration. For more information on the Yealink YMS, contact an 888VoIP Account Manager at 888-864-7786 or by emailing

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