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Yeastar S-Series Firmware Release: Now With Multicast Paging and More!

The Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX is known for its ease of use, cost efficiencies, and high-performance levels. With five different models to choose from, supporting 20 to 500 users, there is an S-Series model for every business need. Top that with its easy configuration and fast installation, advanced plug and play capabilities, Linkus mobile client, and extensive IP phone interoperability, and you have the perfect PBX solution for your customers. To further improve upon its multitude of benefits, Yeastar just has released new firmware, version, which includes new features and multiple optimizations, including the release of multicast paging.

See what is new with firmware version

  • Multicast Paging: The robust multicast paging feature delivers an easier and instant audio broadcasting solution. If your IP phones support multicast paging, you can quickly broadcast an instant announcement to phone users who are listening to the configured multicast IP address/channel.
  • Additional support for monitoring the status of dynamic agents
  • New e-mail template for voicemail to email AND fax to email
  • Security Optimization: Both the web login and SSH login now have improved security.
  • Extension Optimization:
    • Name setting has been removed and a Caller ID setting has been added. Set the Caller ID name to the user’s name
    • The All Busy Mode for SIP Forking setting is now taking effect, even if the extension had a DOD number
    • The TLS extension registration for VTech IP phones has been resolved
  • SIP Trunk Optimization:
    • Outbound parameters to configure SIP parameters for outbound calls has been added
    • Transfer parameters to configure SIP parameters for transferred calls has been added
    • Up to 64 DID numbers now supported
  • Jitter Buffer Optimization
    • New path for Jitter Buffer settings: Settings > PBX > General > Jitter Buffer
    • Support for choosing which extensions/trunks to apply Jitter Buffer has been added
    • Support for configuring Adaptive Adjustment Size of the Jitter Buffer has been added
  • API Interface Optimization
  • Storage Optimization:
    • Optimized Network Drive Settings: If a configuration is incorrect, the system will prompt the cause of the error
    • Optimized FTP Sharing: New prompts when enabling and disabling FTP Sharing
    • Improved Network Drive
  • Event Center Optimization
    • Optimized notification template
    • Added support for VoIP Peer Trunk Re-registered, VoIP Register Trunk Re-registered, GSM Registration Failure, API Authentication Lockout, Linkus Client Locked, and Network Drive Lost Connection

Additionally, there have been optimizations to the Firewall “Drop All” setting, the Operation Log, Static Route Setting’s Web Interface, Prompt, and CDR (displaying billing account).

Ready to download the firmware? You can download an executable file of the latest firmware here. The S-Series VoIP PBX does support automatic upgrades, so check for new firmware in the Configuration Panel of the PBX directly. You can set how often you’d like the device to automatically check for updates and determine whether or not you’d like the updates automatically installed.

For more information on the latest Yeastar S-Series firmware update, contact the Technical Support Engineers from 888VoIP at 888-864-7786. Looking to get started with a Yeastar PBX? Contact our Sales Team at or browse our Yeastar product page.

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