5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Snom VoIP Phones

There are many different VoIP business phone systems available on the market, and with so many options, it’s difficult to make the best choice. One player, pioneered in Germany, has been standing out amongst the competition: Snom Technology. Recently acquired by VTech®, Snom VoIP phones offer more than other VoIP business phone systems. The reasons to discover Snom are vast and the top reasons we believe you need to switch to Snom include: The Variety of Products Can many VoIP phone manufacturers also say that they have the widest single source of solutions designed and manufactured in-house? Probably…

Read More October 26, 2017

888VoIP & CloudCo Partner: Now Offering Edgewater Networks’ Cloud2Edge Complete

Cloud2Edge Complete

888VoIP, a leading distributor of VoIP solutions, has announced that it has partnered with Edgewater Networks, the leader in Network Edge Orchestration, and 888VoIP-affiliated company, CloudCo Partner, to offer a hosted version of Edgewater Networks’ Cloud2Edge Complete solution. As a Cloud2Edge Universal Partner, CloudCo Partner will offer Cloud2Edge Complete which bundles all the tools and services needed for advanced network monitoring and management into a single monthly price. Cloud2Edge Complete is a subscription-based solution that dramatically lowers the cap-ex burden for VARs, integrators, and SPs deploying Unified Communications (UC). This revolutionizes customer network management from the core…

Read More October 24, 2017

Deploying VoIP the Right Way: Essential Keys to Success

VoIP Business Systems

Your VoIP implementation is more than a future business improvement. If successful, it will eventually become critical to the way you work. It’s worth doing everything in your power to keep your system functioning flawlessly. Are you wondering how to get started? We’ve created this simple list of essential keys to success that you can’t afford to overlook. Whether you’re starting a small business, looking to improve your corporate communications, or are a reseller, you should definitely understand how to properly deploy a VoIP business phone system. Create a Strong VoIP Plan VoIP isn’t something…

Read More October 19, 2017

The Top 5 VoIP Accessories That Your Business Must Have

Business owners know the importance of having the right phone system, but do they understand the benefits that come from having complementary accessories? VoIP implementation better equips businesses for communication, putting them ahead of the competition; however, a VoIP phone system is only as good as its accessories. VoIP systems come in many shapes and sizes and there are a few common accessories that every stakeholder ought to know about. Here are five that you should consider when investing in a VoIP phone system: 1. Headsets Although many VoIP phone systems include handsets, they do not usually include a headset…

Read More October 17, 2017

How To: Upgrade Your 3CX PBX Key to a Commercial Edition

3CX Voip Providers

It’s time for you to upgrade your free 3CX PBX Edition key to a Paid Standard, Professional or Enterprise Key. But, how do you go about doing this? Fortunately, there are two different ways to go about upgrading your free 3CX PBX Edition key. The first method, which is the easiest way to upgrade your key, involves contacting your sales representative to simply upgrade your existing free key. Once the key has been upgraded, you will just need to reboot the server and you will be on your way. If you have a key you have already purchased or…

Read More October 10, 2017

CPE Architecture: When Does ALL-IP Equal All-in-One?
[Part II]


In Part I, we introduced the idea that multiple factors govern the best decision about CPE architecture. Now we will dig deeper into what some of those factors are. .. Market Segmentation—Economies of scale First, not all customers are the same. Customarily the telecom market can be roughly segmented into three categories: residential, large enterprise, and small-to-medium enterprise (SME). This post is Part II in a series about the tradeoffs with single-unit versus multi-unit CPE architecture. Part I introduced the various configurations for covering OSI layer functions.  >>Read it here… Residential. The residential market…

Read More October 5, 2017

It’s Crowded in Here: The Importance of MIMO in a WiFi Dominated World

Internet used to be a measly dial-up connection that only a handful of families had access to at home. Now dial up is no longer in existence, and just about any device you can think of comes WiFi enabled, from refrigerators to door locks. We use more WiFi than ever before and expect to have it while grocery shopping, while at work, and even on airplane trips. With the rise of WiFi-enabled devices and the increasing dependence on the need for Internet, our desire for a fast, reliable connection has grown. But with so many devices in one…

Read More October 2, 2017

For Customers, Service Quality During This Period Matters Most

Edgewater Networks

When does the customer experience matter most? The last six months before the contract renewal date. The first year. The first 30 days. Solutions to 6 More PBX Challenges- Read Now! If you answered C, you’re correct. The bulk of customer problems will arise in the first 30 days of service. While it’s important to have happy customers through their entire lifecycle to avoid churn, it is imperative that providers have the tools necessary to get service deployed quickly and seamlessly. In a previous post, Poor Customer Experience Remains Achilles’ of Digital Transformation for Telecom, we discussed that…

Read More September 29, 2017

4 Reasons Businesses Use VoIP Technology

Business VoIP

Why Do Smart Businesses Choose VoIP Technology? Voice Over Internet Protocol, often shortened to VoIP, describes a phone service over the Internet. If you are not currently using VoIP, you are using a regular phone line – a Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). But recently, there has been a large move by businesses to move from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP is a “digital telephone service” that is replacing your traditional analog circuit and it works with a variety of different devices. Businesses Save Money With the increasing cost of essentially everything today, businesses are always looking for a place to save…

Read More September 28, 2017

CPE Architecture: When Does ALL-IP Equal All-in-One? [Part I]

Patton CPE Architecture

The telecom world is going All-IP. Meanwhile, service providers must select network-access technologies—based on price, bandwidth, and geographic coverage—for their evolving SME offerings. For customer premises equipment, multi-box (modem + router + gateway) and single-box (IAD) solutions must be evaluated. So, what are the pros and cons? All-IP Introduction The telecom world is going All-IP. Such aspects as service quality, security, and reliability are under heavy scrutiny. Equipment vendors, service providers, and consultants are developing and promoting solutions to these open and ever-evolving challenges. This article explores the topic from the perspective of…

Read More September 25, 2017
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