How Can My Small Business Benefit From a VoIP Phone System?

business phone system

Your growing company can’t afford to stagnate in any area. Are your communication methods falling behind? VoIP wireless phone systems do more than just let you talk to your coworkers. They also augment your capacity to engage in critical business practices. These are just some of the perks that you can leverage. Enhanced Productivity The top VoIP phone systems integrate seamlessly with diverse software and hardware tools. For instance, Forbes recommends that companies use Skype for Business and other VoIP implementations to aid collaboration. If you’re a small firm that’s struggling to get ahead, the ability to…

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Why Should You Become a Yealink Reseller?

Becoming a VoIP reseller is a once-in-a-lifetime proposition that inherently lends itself to success. Although no business model is guaranteed, this is a unique time in the history of communications. Increasing numbers of companies and private individuals are switching to digital telephony, so the data networks they use are becoming more robust. Serving as an intermediary bridging the gap between highly technical systems and non-technical users is a great niche to fill. Of course, it’s even better to establish yourself as an indispensable part of the way people interact. Here are some of the reasons…

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6 Conference Phone Features You Should Not Overlook

While it should not be a daunting task, selecting the proper conference phone can be a difficult duty. It can be a challenge to identify a solution that will contain all of the features that are critical to have. Before settling on a conference phone, there are a few features to not overlook. Bluetooth® Connectivity Conference phones with Bluetooth connectivity will open up a whole new world in your office environment. The Bluetooth feature will allow you to quickly and easily pair and connect mobile devices to the conference phone. In turn, you will be able to create a hybrid…

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2018 Marketing Trends to Increase Your VoIP Sales


Although the thought is scary, it happens to also be true: 2018 is only months away. Right now is the ideal time to start beginning your 2018 marketing strategy. But what should you focus on? What will be the key marketing trends to focus on in the new year? And are you able to start implementing those practices now? Here are a few different strategies to start taking a look at as we round out Q3 2017. Digital Advertising Versus Traditional Ads Digital advertising is not going anywhere. In fact, it has been predicted that it will continue to beat…

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The Best Features of Skype for Business

man skype

A business leader with the need to communicate freely has an endless amount of options. Unified communications services come in many different types; and, for most companies, finding VoIP software solutions that fit the bill is only the first step. It’s equally important to narrow the field. Solutions like Skype for Business have indisputable advantages. Thanks to a broad range of features and proven configurations, this Microsoft tool is the ideal all-in-one platform for countless enterprises. Here are some of the aspects that might make it worth your time and consideration: Unified Communications Some VoIP phone suppliers…

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Choosing the Right Headset: The Factors to Consider

Headsets and Office

Whether you handle many calls each day or just a few, a headset makes life in the office dramatically easier. A phone may have a comfortable handset with great audio, but it still lacks the hands-free advantage of a headset. Sennheiser offers many office & contact headset solutions, but how does one determine which model to pick? Before looking at models, it is best to consider a few factors that will help you narrow down the features you need in your headset solution. Our guide will help you – and your customers – with the beginning phase of choosing headset…

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Why You Should Join the Yealink Education Reseller Certification Program

Yealink VoIP Phone

The competition is tough in the Education market, but Yealink is insistent on helping resellers gain (and win!) more school projects.  Enter the Yealink Education Reseller Certification program.  This program is designed to assist resellers in obtaining more project opportunities.  Above all, you will experience an increase in project win rates.  Learn more about the program, the qualifications, and the benefits of being a part of Yealink’s program. Are you Qualified to be a Yealink Education Reseller? Yealink’s program is divided into two different certification levels: Certified Partner and Advanced Partner.  Both are applicable in North America and…

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Why You Need the Latest Version of 3CX: Version 15.5


If you are not familiar with 3CX, it is time you get acquainted.  And if you are a user of this IP phone system for Windows, you must upgrade to version 15.5. 3CX is a software based PBX based on the SIP standard. It will completely replace your proprietary PBX, help you save time & money, and boost your profits. Recently, 3CX released its newest version of the software, which offers fresh features, as well as enhancements to the past 3CX experience. What will be gained from upgrading to this new version? Let 888VoIP walk you through the newest…

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Why Are Businesses of All Sizes Turning to 3CX?

3cx desk

Are you thinking about making the switch to VoIP software solutions? If you’re like other business leaders, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many of your peers are transitioning to 3CX. Unlike many communications technology trends, this isn’t just a case of people jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s why 3CX distributors like 888VoIP attract enterprises across the spectrum. 3CX Continues to Prioritize the Business User Experience In early June 2017, 3CX launched a brand new web client based on its V15.5 phone system. With the ability to automate features like failover, backup, security, and restoration, this…

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Policy Routing on Patton SmartNodes


Patton SmartNodes are not just gateways. The SmartNode includes a very powerful IP routing engine that includes features usually only found in much more expensive networking devices. This post introduces the Policy Routing feature in some detail to underline the statement above. A typical IP CPE router includes an IP routing table which can be populated with A default route Static routes Automatically learned routes from DHCP, ICMP and maybe some routing protocols (RIP, OSPF) A Patton router goes beyond this. It allows you to configure multiple routing tables and to chose very specifically which traffic uses which routing table…

Read More August 9, 2017
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