Our Mission

At 888VoIP, we focus on driving the success of our customers. We start by identifying and understanding our customers’ project-specific requirements, and then we use our in-depth knowledge of our manufacturers’ products and technologies to meet them. The result: expert solutions tailored to your unique needs, designed to help you win sales and grow your business.

Since 2006, 888VoIP has been the go-to source for VoIP hardware and software solutions. We are constantly adopting new and innovative technologies to provide our customers with the products and services needed to succeed in this competitive market consisting of full cycle logistics, wholesale discounts, dedicated sales representatives, marketing services, advanced API, and training programs.

What sets us apart is that not only do we help you identify the best products for your specific needs, but, most importantly, we are there to support you after the sale. We will ensure that you are meeting your customers’ expectations effectively and efficiently.

At 888VoIP, we put the customer first. By being fully staffed with manufacturer certified and trained engineers, technical support personnel, and knowledgeable channel managers, we can assure a successful completion of the most complicated of projects.

It’s time for you to focus on your customers and let us do the rest.

What We Do

We are your value-added distributor of VoIP hardware and software solutions, providing you with industry-leading products from top manufacturers, such as Yealink, Edgewater Networks, Grandstream, Yeastar, Patton, Snom, Polycom, Cisco, and Vodia.

We are much more than “just a distributor,” though. At 888VoIP, our goal is to help our partners increase their revenue and build their business. Enter our Channel Advantage program. This program allows partners to focus on their customers while we handle everything on the backend. Our expert team assists partners with their business needs by utilizing 888VoIP’s powerful and flexible combination of people, products, and places.

The Channel Advantage Program includes:

  • Provisioning: Choose the package of your choice (Basic, Advanced or Custom) based upon your needs and desired level of assistance. Your devices will be provisioned and can also include custom profile uploading, specific asset tagging, and box & device labels.
  • Inventory Management & Fulfillment: We handle every aspect of your shipping & warehousing requirements. We offer customized logistics solutions, such as private inventory, blind drop shipping, white label solutions, and pick, pack & ship.
  • RMA Services: We promptly manage all aspects of device services, including advanced product replacements and hardware service & repair.
  • Advanced API: Our ordering & provisioning API will seamlessly connect your existing order processes, ensuring hardware arrives correctly provisioned with your service platform. Any user of our APIs can also take advantage of our Pingback feature, where ordering information will be sent back to a specific URL whenever there is an order status change.
  • Training & Education: Provide your customers and team with training materials that are easy to comprehend and are cost-effective. We can create content in web-based or print-based formats.
  • Marketing: Need customized marketing materials? No matter how small or large the job may be, our marketing team can help create the materials or content. Our services include customized web content, branded box inserts & labels, how-to guides, advertisements, and more.
  • Technical Support: Our technicians are available for pre-sale, post-sale, and product configuration support whenever you or your customers need assistance. While our tech team is available Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET, additional support packages can be added to fit your needs.

Who We Serve

Success can be measured by a variety of factors and at 888VoIP, one of the ways we best measure success is through developing, growing, and fostering partnerships. We strive to meet the dynamic needs of our partners: value-added resellers, service providers, and integrators.

By providing our partners with innovative solutions from top manufacturers and an array of value-added services, we help to ensure that our partners have all the tools needed to fully serve their end-user customers.

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