Vodia PBX, Enterprise, 32 Calls

Vodia PBX, Enterprise, 32 Calls

Vodia PBX, Enterprise, Annual Subscription, 8 Calls

This top-level edition is packed with all Vodia features. It includes everything from the Pro edition, plus – unlimited ACD groups, auto call recording, call barge in/teach mode, CRM integration, and cost accounting support.

This Vodia PBX is an annual subscription. Subscriptions are a convenient way to license the PBX without the upfront investment.

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Manufacturer: Vodia

With Vodia, get a PBX that has grown into a software product that addresses a wide range of requirements in the business communication space. Designed for multi-tenancy operating on a public IP address, the PBX has focused on robustness and resilience from the first release. With a Vodia PBX, you will receive:

  • Voice: Extensions, redirection, cell phone, call recording, call transfer, SPAM call handling
  • Administration: Automatic setup, location information, device management, troubleshooting, monitoring, certificates, multi-tenant support
  • IVR: Mailbox, auto attendant, conferencing, hunt groups, agent groups, outbound calling, paging
  • Integration: Hospitality integration, CRM integration, call data records, address books, REST API, SIP Trunks
  • Messaging: Email, web UI, fax support

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